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The Fire Glow -it glowed like this…!

January 11, 2017

The biggest enigma for me is still what caused that plane to glow?  We’ve been given several plausible explanations, but not of them fit what I’saw. Alternatives have included solar glow, volcanic ash, fluorescent paint and even cloaking technology (although I didn’t touch that here…) but I’m still not convinced by any of them.

I have seen a few glows that made me sit up tho.  There’s a group on Facebook where I can

An airplane wing catches fire on the runway. The glow was very like what I saw but here you can clearly see a fire source. I couldn’t see a fire out there.


Now this one was a halon extinguisher. This reminded me right off of the glow. The one the was right around the plane…

And then this one was a nuclear fuel rod.  I saw this and I wondered. I truly wondered if what I saw was being heated by something like this. But of course not, and plane that got that hot would immediately disintegrate.  So not this then. But it’s still good for trying to explain the glow.


Hey la


January 11, 2017

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. It’s kinda weird, I used to look forward to letting my thoughts spill out, thinking it would be interesting to look back on them when I grow up. Well… now they don’t feel so free-flowing. I haven’t wanted to write since it happened, And luckily Blaine came along and put it all into written word for me. I owe him one.

But now to start again… for a while I’ve been thinking of just making a post where I pull together all the interesting bits I’ve learned over the last few years, and put it into coherent order. But it’s not that easy. I have no idea where I’ve stored pictures… mostly on my phone I think. Not that it’s really a phone any more… its a mini tablet with the added bonus of a local line.

So, in 800 words.

Not sure where to start.  Maybe with the list on my phone… the todo list… here it is..

[ ] Langkawi flyb6

[ ] What caused sumatra bush fires

[ ] Chinese buk mh17

[ ] Conflict info MH17.  Storm diversion or usual route? KIEV ATC

[ ] Michael shrimpton

[ ] Us Pinkney Chinese sub

[ ] Fuel loading

[ ] Airbus shot down

[ ] Sub Colombo. Iranian sub SIO.

[ ]

[ ] Acoustic target buoy

[ ] USAF Bandeh Aceh

[ ] Jeff wise disinformation

[ ] P8 ruled out

[ ] Drone debris Maldives Gili Lankanfushi

[ ] Mil debris s Aust. Penguin island. Fits with SIO impact drift modelling.

[ ] Fire maintenance records

[ ] 📱 lithium fire in cabin

[ ] JORN

[ ] Similarities w. Sg air

[ ] Ex Navy seal deaths

[ ] Drone tech

[ ] Debris

[ ] Orange glow

[ ] Terror alert

[ ] Low altitude phone penang

[ ] Freescale.

[ ] 6kg vehicle electronic chips

[ ] GroResonance

That’s a long list… so what I’m gonna do is close this post, and when I find any of the stuff, I’ll make a new post and link to it from this here list.  So I might add stuff to the list as well if I come across something else…

So why now?  Well a dude from a production company contacted me recently. Doing a documentary for one of the channels… Like I told them, I haven’t spoken to any news agencies about this. At the time when I was fielding loads of enquiries, I spoke to all the investigators and ignored all the journalists. Now I’m not so inundated, and would like to be of help again.

Well it’s been nearly three years and they still haven’t found it. So if someone is willing to look into this honestly, then I’m willing to help.  And when the focus turns from “where is it?” to “how did this happen… I mean, really happen.” then maybe more stuff will come out?  And if enough people rule out enough theories, then what is left, however improbable, must be it, my Dear Watson!




MH370 – A Lithium Fire and the Sparkler Effect?

January 11, 2017

OK. So I just found this post in my drafts folder, and now seems as good a time to publish as any… Just as a reminder I’m pasting a copy of Lizzie’s graphic recreation of what I saw. At one stage I was wondering if the glow I saw was caused by a fast moving object creating a trail. Ie, perhaps the illumination I saw was from the cockpit window and that was leaving a trail. Like a sparkler?

EFortuin Mar2015

Graphic illustration of the plane I saw [pending correction to remove logo]

Well maybe we’ll never know.  But this lengthy but very interesting post from the esteemed Duncan Steel goes a way to explaining why it might have been possible…

Duncan posted the following on his forum, with my permission. His response is worthy of a look…

Kate (the Sailoress) sent me the following message, and I replied as appended. With Kate’s approval I am posting both her original message and my reply below. The suggestions I made are open for debate, discussion, disproof, dumping in the circular file (i.e. the trashcan).




There is some stuff I want to run by you, but am not ready to post yet. Two days is a long time, when sanding decks, to reflect. I am ready to enlarge upon the cockpit windows which Henrik asked about.

Even though I am certain this is a real memory, I have been unwilling to share it, and I don’t know why. But it’s a memory that filled me with fear. I have been having visions of it coming at me face on, so I am not sure if my memory has morphed on this. But it was at a distance, and I think it came between when I thought it was a missile and when it became ‘elongated’ and I realised it was a plane. Therefore it was far away, and it doesn’t make sense that I could see it in that detail. The windows were illuminated. Orange, not white. That makes me wonder if Bobby’s theory of the interior fire is close to the truth, except for his altitude.

The first thing I want your opinion on, is whether this would even have been possible for me to have seen this much detail. AT that distance – But I am sure it’s a real memory, since I remember the jolt (internal scream would be a better description) I felt at the time when I realised it was a plane on fire, before I put that aside.

All the best,


Kate, Sorry for the delay.

First, I have not been following the discussion and analysis of the visual aspects of your sighting as closely as many others obviously have, nor the work that Bobby has done. This past week or so I have been excruciatingly busy with other matters, only getting a few hours of sleep a night, which is why I often approve comments at weird hours (given that I am currently in the UK). That is, every so often I check the website and approve things that look sensible without giving them detailed thought. A peculiarity of me (and I guess a lot of scientists) is that we only give considered answers after giving a matter due consideration! For me, on a piece of research, that sometimes needs a week of doing not much else but think about it, and sometimes far longer. Our asset is not so much remembering facts, but the developed capability to think long, hard, and with a certain quality. (Again, I am just a little lad from Midsomer Norton, and there are lots of other people out there far smarter than me.)

OK, now what Bobby was talking about when he was addressing “diffraction limited” and “Rayleigh criterion” is the *theoretical* limit of resolution that any optical system can have. (Theoretical limit means “best possible” here.) The reality is that light does not travel in straight lines! A “perfect” optical system has a limited resolution, which is set by what is called diffraction. For an aperture (e.g. a telescope mirror, or a camera lens aperture, or your eye’s pupil) of width D that limit is 1.22 times the wavelength divided by D. That is what Bobby calculated, and found that your eye (if it were “perfect”, and no eye actually is or can be in terms of the physics of image forming) might be able to distinguish two passenger windows separated by one metre at a distance of 5 nautical miles (I think it was). All that means is that you might be able to see a row of pinpricks of light, rather than an overall glow. And the latter seems to be what you saw. That seems to make sense, in terms of Bobby’s analysis of the theoretical limit.

Next would be the overall shape of the aircraft. Given suitable background illumination (e.g. from the Milky Way, and from cities over the horizon for you at sea level but not for the aircraft at say 10,000 feet) you would be able to make out its broad shape, just as you described. That is, you could tell it was a large jet, and not a small commuter plane or a fighter jet. But you would not be able to tell much more than that. Not knowing the distance to within a factor of 2, for example, it would be easy to confuse a 747-sized airliner with a 737-sized airliner, unless you could count the engines.

On the cockpit windows, these are rather larger than the passenger windows/portholes. Still, at the distance involved one would not expect you to see any detail (e.g. shape of the windows). What you would/might see would be light emanating from there, especially if full cockpit lights were on (as opposed to the dim displays at night): similar to having internal lights on in a car at night. This would especially be the case if the passenger cabin lights were off or dimmed (as is usual for a landing approach). On the other hand, one would not expect the internal cockpit lights to be on for a landing approach, especially at night.

Overall, one would have expected the main lights to be seen to be the navigation lights, and the landing floodlights, if they were on. The apparent fact that the navigation lights were NOT on indicates a problem on board, of some description.

My interpretation of what you saw is NOT that you were seeing light produced by an internal fire. A fire like that soon extinguishes due to lack of oxygen, unless there is a gaping hole in the aircraft, and even then the oxygen supply to feed a fire would be difficult to explain.

My suggestion early on of a fire on board causing CO poisoning of the crew and passengers was not a thought of any flames at all. Flames produce mainly CO2. A slow, smouldering fire due to (e.g.) Li-ion batteries is what I had in mind. Especially if in the hold no-one would be aware of it, possibly, and it would not compromise the physical integrity of the aircraft: it would just knock the crew and passengers out. Again, though, this is just one possibility, one suggestion that cannot yet be excluded.

It would be interesting to know if, in the case of a power interruption (prior to 18:40) and subsequent re-powering, whether the cockpit internal lights come on as a default. That would make sense to me in that the crew need to see their controls first so as to AVIATE, with the next step being NAVIGATE, then COMMUNICATE. That is, the highest priority, hence the default, one might expect to be: lights in the cockpit (as opposed to passenger cabin, navigation lights, landing lights) along with power to control surfaces etc. Top priority after a power loss: enable the crew to keep the aircraft in the air; anything else is secondary until they have done that (and I think here that they were incapacitated by then, and so unable to move on from that default).

Thus: my best explanation for what you saw would be a “zombie” MH370 flying on default modes, automatic pilot, and so on. The lights you saw from the cockpit windows were internal lights, not a fire: especially at a low light level such lights would appear orange (try turning down the voltage on an incandescent light bulb and see what I mean). No light or very little light from passenger portholes, with the line of windows simply looking fuzzy and orange-ish again: your eyes (or anyone’s eyes) simply cannot resolve separate light sources that are closely-spaced from such a distance, because the physics makes it an impossibility!

In summary: what you have reported makes sense (at least to me) in terms of physics, and also what I might anticipate in terms of a zombie MH370 as aforesaid, although I would like to know from aviation experts what the default re-power configuration would be for the B777 in terms of both the aircraft systems, and also the autopilot system (which I regard as being a separate computerised system).

I can understand why you reacted to the sighting the way you did, but although I suspect that a fire on board may have been the original cause of the catastrophe, as I wrote above I do not think a big fire with flames occurred; and so what you saw was not that, but rather light from the internal cockpit lights being the major emission visible to you, of course on a dark night, far from city lights, and with the Moon long since set. I’ve spent hundreds of nights on mountaintops using telescopes under those conditions, and few people nowadays know what a truly dark night is like, and how a light source that is intrinsically dim can appear when all around is virtually black. It happens that a *moving* light source of this type is also more easily picked up by our brains, which are essentially hard-wired to detect moving objects against a stationary background: just as well, else our distant ancestors would have been eaten by dinosaurs and other predators.

Kind regards to yourself and Marc,


Full report of interview about my sighting by Blaine Gibson.

July 30, 2015

I hope to God that the recent debris found on Reunion is part of MH370 and that the truth will be found providing closure for all of those affected by this terrible enigma.

For the best account of what we saw during our passage in March 2014 please refer to this write up by Blaine Gibson who came to Phuket and interviewed my husband and me over two separate visits.




MH370 – Military PLANE Theory.

March 27, 2015

On 21st March, just last week, I received an email from Mike Exner (prominent member of the IG, heavily involved with the Inmarsat data number crunching, works closely with someone “high up” at ATSB, and widely acknowledged to be the reason the search is in the SIO) informing me that MH370 would have passed within a mile of me if their current thinking is correct.  However I didn’t believe him, despite the convincing graphic he sent, because the altitude was still high (about 30,000 feet too high), and the time was wrong (about 30 minutes too early).

Mike's graphic showing the IG's current thinking about how and where MH370 passed our position.

Mike’s graphic showing the IG’s current thinking about how and where MH370 passed our position.

But then on Saturday 21st March we spoke on the phone for about an hour.  Mike managed to disperse all the doubts I’d had about the genuineness of the data.  They were reconsidering the BFOs, which are based on an assumption, on the basis that a fire event might have caused the frequency of the communication to have changed.  I think I have the gist of it, but these things are all beyond me.  Regardless, I trust the data now, which I have doubted for a year.

Anyway, the following day we had a conference call with Don Thompson, also of the IG; but he’s the guy that is more familiar with military craft. He pointed me the way of the Boeing P8i
Neptune (a close relative of the B737), which India has had a recent delivery of, and there would have been time for some of them to have been deployed to the Andamans to help monitor the Malacca Straits.  He explained that they are a low flying, slow reconnaisance craft.  And if that were the case then it would make sense that the flight profile I had witnessed (remember back to Stewart’s observation graphic) could indeed have been them checking us out:

A military craft intended for reconnoitering.

P8 Neptune. A military craft intended for reconnoitering. A variation of the B737.

The only thing that bothers me about this scenario is that the whole thing was glowing orange, not just the underbelly.  Liz Fortuin has kindly updated her graphic to represent what I saw [although I have requested she removes the logo which I didn’t see, I will update here when I receive the corrected version]:

Graphic illustration of the plane I saw [pending correction to remove logo]

Graphic illustration of the plane I saw [pending correction to remove logo] based on a B777 body.

Now see the similarity?  I can EASILY believe that what I saw was a P8i.  I’m confused as to the black smoke and orange glow, but it certainly wasn’t anything like images of vortexes etc I have been sent.  Who knows, maybe this new aircraft had a problem with its “novel nav strobe configuration: two red flashing nav lights mounted laterally under the wing box (normally a single centerline light)” (Don Thompson). Maybe it was on fire. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Anyway, here is the most interesting part.  Both Mike and Don seemed overly interested in whether I had seen any flights pass overhead from North to South before I saw this plane.  I said no.  I said I recalled flights passing East to West and West to East, but nothing on that leg.  But a few days after the conversation I DID recall another thought I’d had.  I remember thinking “Where the bloody hell is that going, to the South Pole?” at some stage.

[28May15, edited to add for clarity.  Originally omitted due to oversight]:I DO recall seeing a normal plane, with normal nav lights pass above us from North to South prior to the glowing orange one.  Wasn’t unusual, and I guess I’d put it out of my head. High altitude. Passed pretty much directly above us. 

Yeah, sounds unlikely, and the Daily Mail and its readers won’t believe me, of that I’m sure.  Neither will Sy Gunson.  I’m gutted.  “What, now she says she saw two planes?  Yeah right!” I can hear them cry out.

But I know for a fact that it is possible for memories to be jolted after a long period of time by some trigger event.  And tonight my thoughts untangled themselves, and I realise now that the plane I was thinking of at that moment when I had that thought was a different plane to the one I have been obsessed by for over a year now.

Because this one, the orange one, I recall thinking was going to reconnoiter with those bright lights, which I assumed were a research vessel or naval vessel… and that this was some top secret military experiment.  This has all been written elsewhere – right at the very beginning on Cruisers Forum.  So – it is with a sigh of relief that I finally accept that what I have been thinking for over a year was MH370, could have been, in fact, almost exactly what I thought it was. A military cargo plane with a bad exhaust.

And that the first, and normal looking, plane – up at a normal altitude with normal nav lights which I paid hardly any attention to (except for wondering where it was going – a guessing game I play with most passing planes I watch) on account of it simply not being interesting – was probably in fact MH370 on its way to the South Pole.  Or thereabouts.

Thank you to all the members of the IG, and other independent investigators, who have helped me get this all straight.  Finally I can drop all the nasty conspiracy theories from my head and get back to living life knowing that if MH370 can be found, at least they’re looking in the right place.

Way to Winter!!!

March 19, 2015

My blog has pretty much stagnated for the last 10 months.  Admittedly, we’re not travelling at the moment, since the boat is still on the hard undergoing a rebuild.  Of those ten months, we only managed to squeeze in about 2 months work… cos for two months we contracted out to a conman who was a house builder moving into boats, knowing little about them.  After we sacked him, it took another month to undo damage he had done, and get it all back to the bare bones.

Then two months later my Mum got ill, and I flew back to the UK.  I spent three months there, visiting hospital (and later the hospice, where the care was awesome) every day, cycling around seeing friends and doing a bit of painting.  They were precious days, full of love; and I am glad we had them.

The Last Dinner. Although we didn't know it at the time...

The Last Dinner. Although we didn’t know it at the time…

I already posted back in 2011 about what a wonderful Mum she was, so no need to do it again: Thanks Joy I love you

Being a very supportive husband, Marc came too, and abandoned the boat to support me through my Mum’s Cancer and death early last month.  She passed a few days after we left to take a break, leaving her in my Uncle’s care.  She waited until we landed in Thailand and called her, then she dunked her phone in a bowl of cereal and spiralled down.  It was swift and she bypassed all the humiliation and pain that often comes with a lingering fight against death.  Way to go, Joy!  And I’m fairly sure she chose to go while we were in Thailand… it’s hard to wallow in sorrow in paradise:


All my mates back in Liverpool ask if this is where all those amazing beaches are. I always say yes!

Since then we have been travelling and seeing relatives in the UK (mine) and Andorra (his), which was lovely.  We are blessed that his folks live in one of the BEST ski resorts in the world, so there’s always plenty to do to keep out of trouble before dinner.  Probably about half the time we spend walking, but this time the snow was incredible, so we spent most of our time skiing for a change:

Share2015-03-19-65217b8265fd653563873b4edcfb3470ce5419a690b91094e315a0173da9cff5-Picture Share2015-03-19-13d30f3e7ff2194fc2fd93161330b665949e04445d421176f6acfa523676e7aa-Picture


The ‘Rocket’

.Anyway… now we’re back in Phuket.  Or at least I am.  Marc’s in Kuwait working.  I’ve been here for two weeks but I’m not expected to work… although I have been doing a little bit of teaching.  Before I left I was teaching in KG at a Government School – this time it was 12 year olds.  And the difference it noticeable.  In their drawing skills, as well as their maturity level.  There are some things I just love about my job, and this was one of those moments, when the topic was transport!


Hopefully work on the boat starts again next week. At the moment this is what the deck looks like:


Not perfect, but near as dammit. Awesome job given Marc did the work himself x

I am incredibly impressed.  I cannot believe how multi talented my husband is. But I cannot wait for that boat to be bloody well finished and back in the water so I can swing at anchor on the hammock rather than this blazing heat we have to endure off the tarmac!  Plus I don’t like snakes, spider and cockroaches… so I really am looking forward to this getting finished!

MH370 – The Second Witness

February 28, 2015

OK.  In doing this, I feel like a Judas, but a recent article in the Daily Mail stated that “Ms Tee’s general description of the time and place was vague” [1]. It also says I discredited myself subsequently by publishing my own thoughts on what I thought happened after I saw it, but I’ll leave you to be the judge of that, since you have bothered to find my blog and actually read it.

Yes, my initial publication was vague.  I hadn’t really thought about it, and when I realised that what I had seen might indeed have been MH370 I just blurted it out.  I had no idea about how big this thing was, and if that sounds geopolitically naive, I agree fully. After all, my husband and I moved onto a boat and started cruising to try and escape from the political bullshit that surrounds most peoples lives. Remember, after arriving in Phuket, I had been living alone on a yacht at anchor with no A/C power whilst my husband was away for five weeks at a conference in America and his own work in Kuwait.  Any limited internet access I had was used to communicate with him, as we were trying to fix our marriage after what had been a very stressful passage, resulting in me packing my bags.

Although I had thought about this plane I saw every day, I refused to acknowledge its significance, choosing to believe what I had initially been told about it heading off to Vietnam.  After that I heard very little about the matter since I was burying my head and refusing to show an interest, although it did bother me whenever I heard people speak of it.  Which wasn’t that often, since I also avoided people on the whole.

After the twenty minute phone call from the ATSB on June 3rd, I started to reflect on points which had arisen.  At that stage I could not be certain of the day or the time, except that it was the middle of the night.  However, after the phone call I did recall that the crew who was asleep on deck had woken up due to the sails flapping after I went into an accidental gybe, and it was at his suggestion that I turned the engine on. Despite the dying winds, I had resisted until that point since I didn’t want to wake anyone, having deprived them of sleep over the previous week due to my bad behaviour.

I went below to turn the engine on, and as I came back up, I asked him about the plane, which had borne away by that stage.  I plainly asked him why it was glowing like that.  His response was that he didn’t know, he had never seen anything like it before.  He had previously been an aeronautical engineer, and before becoming a teacher he had worked as an air crash investigator for Saudia Airlines, so I assumed that if it was a plane in distress he would recognise it as such.  So I put down to a magnificent airshow – after all, there were no fighter planes in pursuit, a thought which I processed at that time.  So I wasn’t concerned.  Not then.  His comment laid my fears to rest.

On June 12th I notified the ATSB via email that this crew member had also seen it:

This email which I sent to ATSB on 12th June 2014 was not acknowledged.  Neither did they try to contact the crew to verify he had also seen it.

This email which I sent to ATSB on 12th June 2014 was not acknowledged. Neither did they try to contact the crew to verify he had also seen it.

I received no acknowledgement of this email from ATSB, not even to ask for the identity of our crew member.  They did not approach him independently either.  I did try, several times, over the next few months to contact him and his wife to ask him to come forward.  My emails and Facebook messages on the matter were all ignored.

In December my husband and I booked a flight to visit him and his wife for the day.  We were invited for lunch, and at this stage the crew member told us that although he didn’t recall seeing the plane himself, he did recall me talking about a strange military plane (he was specific about that) whilst on passage.  He also told us the reason he refused to answer my request for support was a conflict of interest.  His daughter was completing an intern-ship as an aviation lawyer at the time, and had been selected to serve on the compensation panel for MH370.  Since intern-ships are hard to come by, he simply didn’t want to jeopardise her job.

I would have preferred to publish this sooner, but refrained from a misplaced respect for his privacy.  I thought that notifying the authorities was enough (I also told most independent investigators who contacted me privately via email).  But even if you are not sure about my timings, I am.  And now you know why.



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