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Imbolc Reading

February 2, 2018

In my last post I shared an image of a spread I had created for Imbolc.  Now I am going to share how I read those cards. More for my own journal than anything else… but also because I have learnt that i need to journal my own readings in order to be thorough.  When I read for others I never write it, but for me, I must!

Well, let’s be honest, this reading is about me, so I’ll probably be totally biased, but the overview looks quite positive overall.  Sitting here looking out at my garden on a sunny day in February (Imbolc, in fact), and feeling all full of the Joys of Spring. Until I just wrote about it, and now the sun’s gone in again.

So here it is (with the questions pasted at the bottom if you’re interested)

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-01 at 17.33.35

My Roots

The Ten of Wands is feeding my interest.  That’s an interesting one… looking at a man who is carrying a heavy burden.  It seems to be suggesting I LIKE hard work! And it might have a point – I have been considering how I do go full steam ahead with one thing after another… this year I’m working towards becoming accredited as a tarotist, last year I started attending events to develop my psychic abilities, the year before I formalised my yoga teaching and got a certificate for that.  It does seem that I seem to work better under pressure…. and this year I have taken on the role of blog handler for TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles) simply because I love getting my teeth into things.  As I said to them, it is through doing service that we learn the most… so I guess this card is spot on.

At a wild guess the Knight of Swords who is supporting me is talking about my husband, who is racing off on his own mission to change the world and its politics, so that would fit very well.  And clarifying him is the Three of Pentacles. At least that’s hopeful.  We’re not in a great place financially, but we manage by being frugal, and it’s good to know our (his?) efforts are appreciated.  We do, in fact live a life of gratitude.  I was thinking just the other day, as I was giving someone a lift home to the other end of the city on a freezing cold night, “I wish I had heating in my car”, but that was followed immediately by the thought of how grateful I am to actually have a car.

My Stem

My main focus this season should be to spread joy and sunshine.  Hope and light. That I can do.  Inverted this card is almost as joyful as upright, it’s just a reminder to keep making the effort.  Well, some things can’t be talked about publically, but those of you who know me, know how and why this is so apt a card for me!

Crossing my path, The King of Wands is inverted. Positive even when inverted, this speaks of someone close who is perhaps stressed and impatient that I don’t make the effort to keep pace with his projects.  The Tower inverted suggests that he will be going through a change, and needs to be aware of his stress, and let it go. Well, without getting too personal, I have indeed seen that sort of change happening in someone very close to me, so long may it continue!

My Blossoms

Two of Wands inverted is suggested as the focus for my meditation. Wands is a suit of journeys, and twos a place of choice, so it could be that I am being asked to consider which spiritual path I wish to take.  And TBH I’m always considering that, and always have.  So more likely it is suggesting that I contemplate the real travel situation.  This is the year we are planning on getting the dogs back to the boat, but we never seem able to get our earthly matters (the house and lodgers) in order… so perhaps I need to consider where I really want to go with that.

The Hanged Man is given as the area of my learning which I should focus on, and he is telling me to take some time out and look at things from a different perspective.  Or maybe he is just telling me to take time out.  As I mentioned before, I do go full steam ahead with one thing after another! To time to relax and just let the world take its own course!

Concerning improving my health, Temperance is inverted, telling me to take all things in moderation.  Eat well, sleep well and exercise.  Which is what I’ve been trying to do – to the extent that the last pack of nine Twix fingers I bought lasted me two days.  My physio kept asking me about exercise, and my answer has recently changed from “erm…” to “well, I’ve started WALKING the dogs rather than just strolling them!”

In my environment I need to nurture the Four of Wands inverted. Again, that’s apparently a very good card even when inverted.  Means I should keep celebrating and practising gratitude for what I have. No problem!

When I asked how I can help others, I’m presented with the Page of Cups and the King of Cups reversed.  This is talking about one of my friends who is in an abusive relationship, and I’m sure of this because it came up in a reading for her too.  He is a prick, but she can’t let go. She’s trying to throw in the towel, but can’t let go of the corner.  Ace of Wands ís basically telling me swallow my pride and butt out, to let her find her own healing.  OK. I’ll take that!

What else do I need to know?  Well, the Six of Cups tells me that I am immersed in a dreamlike world of calm and serenity, of joy and love, of sharing and harmony.  Yup.  It might sound quite arrogant, but I can honestly say that I’m like that.  I don’t get ruffled, I see the good in people and the good in the world, and I’m happy to keep doing so.

And the outcome? The Queen of Cups talks about love and support; and the nine of cups clarifying her is the best pip card in the deck, a positive harbinger of good things to come.

I’m biased.  I must be.  Can life really be this good?  Yes it can, and it is.  They say that Tarot tells us what we need to know, and once we know we can change our minds.  For a short while there I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t being ripped to bits, that I wasn’t being thrown out oodles of advice about dealing with my defects.  But do you know what?  I’ve worked hard on myself the last few years, and if the all cards can give me is “Go easy on the chocolate and fags”, and take it easy, then I am happy with that. Very….

Thank you spirits x

My RootsWhatsApp Image 2018-02-01 at 18.06.00

  1. What is feeding my interest? 10 Wands
  2. Who is supporting me? Kinght Swords, Three Pentacles

My Stem

  1. What should be my main focus this season? Sun Rx
  2. What issues will be crossing my path this season? King Wands Rx

My Blossoms

  1. What should I meditate on? Two Wands Rx
  2. Which area of my learning should I focus on developing? Hanged Man
  3. How can I boost my physical health? Temperance Rx
  4. What should I nurture in my environment? Four Wands Rx
  5. How can I help others in their new growth? Page Cups, King Cups Rx, Ace Wands
  6. What else do I need to know? Six Cups
  7. What will the outcome be if I follow this path? Queen Cups, 9 Cups

Celebrating Imbolc

February 2, 2018

sabbat3Since before I ever had heard of Sabbats, I celebrated them.  My husband and I had constant debates about the seasons… I was convinced Spring starts at the end of January or beginning of February, when I would see new growth on my daily walks.  And it made sense to me, because it was exactly halfway between MID Winter and MID Spring, ergo it must be the changing point!  My glee when I found my first Sabbat calendar was magnified by the ability to show it to him and say Ï told you so”!

Imbolc, falls on the 1st or 2nd Feb, but apparently it’s personal preference when anyone celebrates. I have been celebrating all week.  Others whom I spent the night with yesterday to celebrate the Blue Moon which coincided with the Supermoon will celebrate tomorrow.  Whatver, apparently there are no rules in the spiritual path.  Well, maybe two, but now is not the time to discuss them!

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-01 at 17.32.58Imbolc is time to celebrate New Beginnings, so I was ready with a small vase of flowers and shrub foliage which I picked from my back garden.  This arrangement will remain all year now, until Samhain, as I will constantly add new growth to replace the old.  The display therefore will morph, but it will be the same display I started two days ago!  This month it will host snowdrops and crocii, next month bluebells, and occasionally the foliage will get changed out.

I also made an Imbolc spread. I love creating my own spreads, in fact I tailor make MOST of my spreads now. I start by considering the cards I want to use. The Paulina Tarot is full of wild flower and forest imagery, the sort of stuff fairies play in, so that was a no brainer!

Then I need to consider which shape I wish to use. Since we’re marking the beginnings of new growth, I thought a flower would be appropriate.  Then I formulate the questions I wish to use. I try to relate them to the season, so today I chose:

My RootsWhatsApp Image 2018-02-01 at 18.06.00

  1. What is feeding my interest?
  2. Who is supporting me?

My Stem

  1. What should be my main focus this season?
  2. What issues will be crossing my path this season?

My Blossoms

  1. What should I meditate on?
  2. Which area of my learning should I focus on developing?
  3. How can I boost my physical health?
  4. What should I nurture in my environment?
  5. How can I help others in their new growth?
  6. What else do I need to know?
  7. What will the outcome be if I follow this path?

I haven’t space in this post to read them to you…. but I have posted a thread in a forum over on TABI so that you can hop on over and join in the conversation about this spread:!!!

Edit: If you head to my next blog post, I have posted the reading from this spread: Imbolc Reading

The Star

January 27, 2018

Secrets of the Tarot by Zsofia Lazar and Katalin Szegedi

Recently I started contributing to the TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles) blog, and helping out with their newsletter.  Well, Kati P writes a monthly article about a card which she chooses at random from the deck of her choice. This month she drew The Star from a Hungarian Tarot deck (that is now sadly Out Of Print, so I can’t attach any links to it). Its original title is A Tarot Titkai, the author is Lázár Zsófia, and the illustrator is Szegedi Katalin.

And then Kati P got busy with a child who decided to break his leg or some other drama…. gave the card to me to write about, which was quite a challenge since it’s a deck I’m unfamiliar with.  But I was instantly drawn into its depths, and quite frankly wish I could get my hands on this deck now (unsurprising, since I’m a bit of an addict and I simply can’t stop collecting now I’ve started)!
the star The Star when it appears talks to me about dreams come true and wishing upon a star…and reminds me of the many times I have sat in nature, on mountains, on beaches, in deserts, on the sea (I’m a sailor-gypsy) at night, gazing up at clear skies and wondering which star was the wishing star. It reminds me of all the wishes which didn’t come true, and the disappointment which ensued….until one day I realised that the wishes which didn’t come true were simply not meant to be…and that many, many smaller wishes HAD come true…but that an intrinsic lack of gratitude had led me to focus not on the GOOD outcomes, but on the times when I didn’t get my own way. A reminder to seek out the good things I have received.

When I look into this card, I see a serenity and contentment, an appreciation of life itself, a gratitude for everything being as it is. It’s a scene into which I want to dive, and bask in the warmth radiating from the depths. And from there to practise gratitude for the amazing gifts I have been given.

The glows in this card instantly drew my eye. The sparkle of the water as she takes the elixir it offers and then pours it back from whence it came signify the ever present joy of giving as we receive. A message which I hope to remember to carry with me into daily life as I move into the New Year.

The shining on the horizon seems to encompass her as a halo, signifying the beauty that comes from such contentment and joy; and reminding me of the unity of the microcosm and the macrocosm…of the spiritual connection between above and below. A reminder to me to focus more on my meditation practise, to work on my own connection with the inner voice.

And our Lady herself radiates exquisite femininity, and is suggestive of the raw pleasure which comes from appreciating life on life’s terms.  Her confidence shines through as though she knows she is beautiful, but doesn’t need to flaunt this fact as she basks in contentment.  A reminder to me to appreciate myself, and accept my imperfections. To appreciate me for who I am now, not who I wish to be. To BE who I wish to be!

For me, this is a very special card to begin my journey into the New Year, and my new challenges with TABI, reminding me that gratitude is a gift, the ability to appreciate and take joy in all that I receive. And it’s a gift which I give to myself. Which is quite apt at the moment, as I am so very grateful to have been invited to help with TABI Tracker. The opportunity to work alongside such knowledgeable people who are so willing to share their gift is truly a blessing to be grateful for.

Beyond the Little White Book.

November 6, 2017

I mentioned in my last post how in the Gummy Bear Tarot I had acquired, I found the most amazing little white book ever. That I lived the sayings and the feelings invoked by the descriptions of the cards. Well, given that I’ve possessed maybe a dozen packs of Tarot since I started reading, that’s quite a compliment. I found it even better, to be honest, than most proper books I have bought.

But now I have found my very favourite tarot book ever. Really. This book just sucked me in like a good novel. I simply love the author’s writing style.

Author Liz Worth
Published through Lulu Publishing Services
Going Beyond the LWB Front

I’ll be honest. I had every intention of reading the important bits, just enough to be able to write an honest review, but I was unable to skip anything. I have enjoyed reading every page of this book. I didn’t enjoy the next day so much after a missed night’s sleep! I’ll start at the beginning with the contents pages. I loved this book as soon as I saw the contents pages. One way I personalise my cards is to attach a little saying to each. For example, “Wish upon a Wishing Star”, “Pride Comes Before a Fall”, “When the Student is Ready the Teacher will Appear” and “Smooth Sailing” are all among my repertoire of key phrases. Well, Liz includes similar catchphrases right there, from the outset in the contents page. I love that I am given a sense of each card before I even go and take a closer look at it. There are really no illustrations so I suggest that you have your cards handy and sorted in order so that you can effectively use your own illustrations. That makes sense anyway… it’s how we become familiar with our cards. As an aside, when I first started learning tarot I chose a floaty deck which I could swim away into… but the Minor Arcana wasn’t illustrated. So I found it very difficult to learn their meanings. But as I started to keep a journal I printed a cheat sheet of the RWS tarot. That way, any notes I made were linked in my head to those illustrations… and with time I came to recall the images for each card automatically… which triggered what I had learnt about each card. Beyond the Little White Book keeps to the time honoured format of introducing the cards, then going through first the Major and then the Minor Arcana. That makes it easy to navigate. But… I will say right here that the layout of each card is a little confusing. The standard format is:

  1. Intro to card
  2. Positive aspects of cards
  3. Challenges
  4. Applications at work
  5. Applications in relationship spreads
  6. Other applications
  7. Challenges at work
  8. Challenges in relationships
  9. Other challenges.

This sounds simple enough. But these are the exact titles for each and every card, and due to the scattered layout, it sometimes took a few seconds after a moment of distraction to scroll and find mention of which card I was reading about. I’d prefer to see each card name mentioned in each title. I also prefer to have all of the information about the cards in their inverted position together. That saves me flicking between pages to find information about the same aspect. About the inverted cards. Most books give about 10% of space for each card to inversions. Liz gives them equal space to the upright cards. And that I respect, because I believe that using inversions effectively doubles the number of cards available to us and massively broadens the scope of our readings. I feel that each time a card is inverted, it’s because we have a lesson to learn from it. Often we might have a block in a particular area, or an issue that we are refusing to acknowledge. Inverted cards play the role of educating us about what we need to do to grow. And yet many readers hide from them. Most professional readers I have seen at fayres actually turn reversed cards the right way up as they lay them. That practise baffles me. Advice and guidance is exactly what the cards are about. Why hide from that? Liz doesn’t. She refers to them as Challenges, and guides us on how to address these challenges. Well handled indeed. Each card has at least four pages dedicated to it… and these pages are full of gems. I found new phrases, aspects I hadn’t noticed before, on almost every card and I copied many over into my journal… and I recommend that you have your journal handy when you read this too. Each card concludes with a good handful of questions to ask yourself when the cards arises… and I suspect these questions will be very handy to guide new readers through their early readings. So all in all I would say this is now the best book on tarot I have read to date. I love the positive spin Chloe puts on her cards and the valuable lessons she helps us learn about them ll in each of their aspects. I highly recommend this book to readers at all levels. To beginners who want to get to know their cards. To confident readers who wish to develop their understanding of the cards in their reversed aspect. And to seasoned practitioners who want a gentle read, a pleasant trip down memory lane, reminding us of what we’d forgotten, and even pointing out plenty we had simply missed along our journey. Thank you, Liz, for making those fourteen hours on planes very pleasant hours!

Psychic Awareness Level One

November 3, 2017

About a month ago, in fact it was the last weekend in September, Marc and I took the camper van and the dogs over to Didsbury and camped up on the flood plain of the River Mersey. No photos cos it was grey and rainy. And very muddy. That was fine. We learnt a lot that weekend about mud control, which later came in handy on camp!

I didn’t really know what to expect but it was exactly as I expected. And the revelations were stunning.

I’ll start with my spirit guide. Turns out it’s a dragon. It was a really young and playful dragon, but nonetheless a dragon and when dragons appear as spirit guides it shows that a person is ready to take the jump. To start out on a whole new journey of spiritual discovery. So I’m excited about that.

And I did show a bit of frustration that it wasn’t being a very sensible dragon… but clearly it wants me to keep my sense of humour and freedom to just roll around and play.

BTW I met my dragon in person on the way… at the Halloween celebrations at the anti facing camp (which is home to its very own coven).

The lady in this photo runs a Humans of KM8 Facebook page. You should check it out… but especially the video she made of me:

So next. Psychometry. This was the most freaky thing that had happened to me to date, so I want to talk about Julie’s keys.

I was drawn to this set of keys. Now I’m going to read from the notes I took:

I saw a wide but calm river with a stone bridge. There were sticks floating in the water. I realise now what these mean.

On the banks of the river is a camp site with fire at the centre. From the fire I see a wolf in the woods beckoning me. I follow him and he starts scratching at the base of a tree. Doesn’t know what he’s looking for, and knows he won’t find it. The sun is shining down through green leaves.

Then a hospital. The Wolf is at the main doors. I follow him in to the door of a surgery. The surgeon talks to me but he’s not happy. A bed with the attachments.

Back to the river to spread ashes. The banks are covered in an apparent carpet of bluebells but when I look closer they are speedwell.

Back to reality. The Wolf alone led me to think they might be Julie’s keys since her guide was are wolf. I was right. They were her keys.

The reading was are deep one, but to cap it all, Leigh (our teacher) had read these keys for Julie a few months before and had predicted that an older male in her family had a health issue would which result in death if not sorted and a dressed. So Julie had been looking under rocks for any health issues her father or other relatives might have had.

The following week I had a message from Julie. Her old dog had taken ill and had to be put to sleep.

I suppose the reading makes sense. But I have learnt something after. The lost sticks. The dogs scratching and never being able to find it again. I have come to realise that lost toys never to be found again mean the death of a child. That can be read about in the warehouse post…


The Career Spread

October 23, 2017

On Tuesday I have an interview for a job which is mine if it can work out logistically. But teaching in this country is not an easy area to get into. It looks like the safeguarding checks might be the problem. But we’ll see. It’s taken me years to apply so I’ll see how it goes.

Anyway I made a spread for it. And I always have trouble reading my own spreads so I have decided to type it our as though for a stranger. Here it is:

So the first card is representative of my focus. And the five of wands talks of struggle. Not harmful struggle, but a power struggle… of wanting to win. And in this battle all the participants are fairly matched… nobody is winning. The only way to escape the struggle is for one participant to break away. I think this is talking of my inability to decide what I want to do. Well, I want to go back to the boat, but while I’m here I haven’t been able to decide where to work. And now I’m running out of money I have to find somewhere to work. I have to break away from that struggle and just let one career path win out.

Next we have the card of ambition. And 7 Pentacle talks about more work being needed to encourage a food harvest. I have skills and talents in different areas. I’m a good teacher but don’t have recent experience. I’m a good counsellor but don’t have certification. I’m a psychic but don’t have the experience to charge….

My goals are changing. The tower talks of pride before a fall. So maybe I will find out the latest no matter how good I am, my plans of teaching aren’t meant to be… maybe something will come to light to top me in my tracks. Maybe I will be forced to take a different path? But this is am different path… oh it’s so confusing.

My talents are well suited to the role. I have good knowledge and I have been willing to learn. I am am good teacher I can use my empathy to show people the way… I am able to see quickly how and why people struggle and I seem to be able to approach the issues from their perspective. My students grow to love, admire and respect me. Maybe that’s the pride coming before that fall?

The challenge brings me Judgement. And that isn’t making sense yet. I am my own judge… do I feel that I am not good enough any more for this role? That might be it. Or is this talon of rising up to the new challenge and way of life?

The action I need to take is represented by the Knight of Pentacles Inverted. Slow and steady wins the game… but maybe I have been taking it TOO slow, and this indicates I NEED to take Acton now? KPi can talk of an unwelcome money message. Well… it’s true. I have nearly run out of money and need to do something about it… so into action for me! Maybe the problem is that I’m procrastinating and have been for years but now I need to do some timing about it?

Justice is apparently the hidden factor. So although I can’t see it right now, it will work out for the best. What I do now will affect my future. I need to let the river of life flow and take its course.

Strength is an influencing factor here. Not physical strength… I don’t have much of that… but emotional strength and consistency. I am in charge of my life and I can control what happens as long as I have faith that everything is as it should be. And faith in myself.

And the outcome? 7 of swords. Loss. Or not everything is as it seems. It suggests I may be a little deceptive to get ahead, but I suppose this gives me permission to use little white lies where nobody is to be harmed?

Not sure if this will make sense in the morning… well see!


Edit: Some feedback three months on:  I got the job… it was a breeze!  But not everything was what it seemed… despite the clear enhanced DBS check, I had to get a police check from Thailand to work in this country. So not everything was what it seemed.  And that meant a trip to the Thai Embassy in London. And three months on I still haven’t done that…. so there’s my procrastination!

The Warehouse

October 7, 2017

Last weekend I went on a psychic awareness couse and was introduced to the art of psychometry. I’ll talk about that in another post.

As a result I very recently joined a Pagan Facebook group to explore a belief system that seems to fit with my own recently and one girl uploaded some photos of a warehouse that her company is moving into… she posted this question with the photos….

“Does anyone else since something eeire in this pic? It’s at my work and I know there’s been a couple deaths in this building and possibly one in this room.”

The general feedback from the group was mixed. Some believed the place was fine, some thought that maybe something bad had happened, and some thought that there were presences, but non threatening.

Here’s what I thought….

This is the first photo I looked at. First I saw ropes hanging from those rafters, and when I looked closer I saw faces embedded in the floor. Three men and a woman. But they weren’t stressed or afraid, they were sad and demotivated. Giving up.

This photo showed me a man lying on the floor unable to get up, with his life energy flooding from his head. He was trying to get up but couldn’t. He looked as though he was in pain, and he was shocked and flabbergasted as though he couldn’t come to terms with what was happening.

This image showed me a young girl who couldn’t find her doll… she was crying. But her mum was there and was holding her.

So I posted about these images I had seen. Didn’t think anyone would pay any attention to these ramblings. But here’s what I heard back….

“Dude that’s so creepy cause I sensed about 3 beings down here. This hall in general is the most haunted building at my Uni. There’s been a death due to someone trying to have a diy abortion, someone slipped a fell and bleed out at the bottom of the stairs that leads into this room, and multiple suicides in dorms.”

I’m speechless. Taking time to process it.

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