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Duct Tape for £13 / roll – BARGAIN!

September 19, 2010

Had a really busy day yesterday.

Bin Nisf is the hardware store here, of sorts. It’s not like the superstores you get in UK now, but like the old ones you used to get on the village High Street. It’s ull of treaures like cheap torches, and over-priced batteries, and garden hose nozzles (I bought two, yesterday!), and a roll of duct tape which cost £13, but I bought it anyway. “Why would you spend thirteen quid on a roll of duct tape?” I hear you asking. Well, this roll of duct tape is reflective, and I’m going to use it to label the ropelocks on the boat (you know, halyards, hauls etc). I’m so excited!!!

Up the road from Bin Nisf in Shuwaikh is the Door Handle Souk.

(Image: A handsome young man on a hot, dusty street of shambly shops)

Now, a Door Handle Souk is a row of shops, all of which sell door handles. We were there to buy a lock for the galley cupboards, so that when we hit a wave I don’t get covered in chilli powder and Masala… And the 20p locks were not what we wanted. Nope, we had to spend 30quid on plastic clicky ones. You know, the sort that go kerchick when you push it closed!

(Image: An old man dressed in traditional Pakistani costume in a small shop with shiny gold door handles displayed on every inch of wall)

Next stop was the Plant Souk. For a desert, Kuwait has a fantastic plant souk. I love going there, ‘cos it just feels so cool and green and shady. Marc bought a guava tree, a mulberry tree and a banana tree. I bought a grape vine. I wish I’d taken a photo of him trying to get his banana tree onto the back seat…

(Image: Kate standing in a narrow passage in a lush green pocket of nature)


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