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Reshaping my Car

October 14, 2010

Not a great day today!! First it was Shanghai at Vicky’s house, and rather than winning my usual couple of dinars, I actually came away a few dinars lighter! Not a good start to the day. Except for Vicky’s delicious mackerel dip – yum yum!

(Image: A group of 6 ladies standing around a breakfast bar, snacking on vegetables and drinking tea whilst waiting for game to start.)

Oh, that wasn’t even the start of my day – the start was at 5.30am when I had to wake up to take a pessary (nice, huh) so that I could get up and go on the dive boat South Pier at 7 o’clock, so that I could be back ashore in time for Shanghai!

Anyway, went beach hunting afterwards, since the beaches are all being reopened to the public, I thought we might plan some sailing expeditions. It’s Thanksgiving in 6 weeks, and I thought it would be a novel idea to have a Pilgrim’s Picnic, where we sail to a new distant shore, and then share our food with the natives. So here’s the beach I found:

(Image: An empty expanse of beach, with the Al Hashemi [the largest dhow in the world, which has never floated] at the end.)

That was fine, but after the fifth beach I had to come out of a side road straight onto a busy roundabout. I pulled out, and some wanker cut in front of me. I slammed on, then a Kuwaiti guy in a white Pajero smahed into my bumber:

(Image: The rear end of a burgundy Pathfinder, with it’s bumber dented in the centre.)

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