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Pilgrim’s Picnic

November 28, 2010

Hey there, I’m a little behind, and I still haven’t gotten round to downloading the pictures from my camera!

On Friday we all met up at 9am on the beach to take the catamarans on this Pilgrimmage, and it was quite successful. I was disappointed that only five boats showed up. Me with Haley, Marc with Tris, John & Christine, Dave & Mike, and Chris and Vicky on their Wanderer. After all the effort I put in to staking out beaches, I was very upset that other boatowners didn’t make an effort.

Oh well, snipe and gripe over. The ten people who sailed, and the eight natives who showed up on the beach to welcome us had a lovely day. The sailing looked like it would be slow, since the breeze was light, but the tide was favourable and we glided down to Salwa fairly swiftly. The current bore with ease, and generated an apparent wind that was perfect. Chris and Vicky on Larch demonstrated why they are British Champions, by silently bearing down on us all and flying past us on the beat.

Beach with Palm Trees

The far and distant shore to which we voyaged.

We landed on soft sand, and attempted to pillage food from the natives.  We tried to tempt some out of hiding, but they were shy, so we waved to the family how were protected behind their window and gave them a good giggle or two.  I’m sure they were surprised to see us in what they must think of as their back garden!

Special thanks need to go to native Steve, who gifted coffee to everyone after their long, tough sail; and Emma, who brought special pink meat!! Rachael, who has never even sailed with us brought her two kids along, and it was a pleasure to have them.

After a pleasant afternoon we set off on the return jouney.  Haley and I, closely followed by Dave scouted past the Palms to check out the lay of the land for when Adil invites us for high tea in his dive shop; then had to back track almost back to Pilgrim’s Beach, since the wind wouldn’t take us out to sea!  Tris and Marc took a scouting trip into Messilah Beach Hotel, but swiftky flew back out again and complained about the stench!
Edit:  The photos didn’t come out, sadly.  If you have some, I’d be grateful if you could send them to me, and I’ll upload them.  And thanks to everyone who did come, I appreciate it.

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