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Christmas Presents

December 23, 2010
A heap of casette games with game covers from Commodore 64

The little things in life count the most! See the C64, top left?

Now then, in my family, when we celebrated christmas, we did it in style!  We would dress up in our best, shiny clothes.  We would spend months pondering over the best presents.  Not the most expensive, mind; just the best!  And the best present I ever bought my brother (in my opinion) was a simple cassette tape with a Commodore 64 game on it.  It was from the 99p basket at Smith’s.  And Alex had to return it the day after Christmas, because he had bought one for himself on Christmas Eve!!  I was flattered – it proved that this was something he wanted!

The best presents I ever got were chocolates.  Yum.  Toblerone, After Eights, Chocolate Oranges – I didn’t care.  I would guess what they were beofre opening them, and was quite good at it!  I loved getting chocolates.  Still do.  Often don’t, but to compensate, I buy from Duty Free with my leftover change.

Anyway, Marc had me fooled for the first few years that I spent Christmas with the Horns.  He told me the Horns don’t give presents.  Ha.  I was so embarrassed opening gifts bought for me by relative strangers, when we hadn’t bought anything in return!  SO now, I drag him kicking and screaming (I exagerate not) to the shops before we venture anywhere near his family at Christmas!  This year, we bought MIL two hoses for her vacuum cleaner (which we didn’t wrap) and a velvet kaftan (which we did wrap) – but I forgot the photo!  We bought FIL a ZOOM phone, similar to Marc’s, but without the camera, since we were told FIL doesn’t take photos anyway!  And 14 packs of shrimps!  (We carried 24 over, but ate 10 on our anniversary!  Shouldn’t have – noone except Ryan and Steph celebrated the event!)

We also bought Liar Dice for Marc’s siblings and offspring.  Nice in itself, but we even traipsed to the local souk to get some beautiful indian boxes:

Marc in Souk with guys wrapping the boxes.

Yippee!! Marc loves haggling!

I choose Indian boxes inlaid with mother of pearl for Connie and Tash.  This is because Connie bought Marc, a long time ago, an inlaid backgammon set, which we treasure.  It turns out Connie’s was the wonkiest box ever (the one with the rounded lid in the centre), which proves it couldn’t have been made by a machine.  The boys got carved boxes – wooden for Ryan and Monsieur Philip, and marble (I think) for Tris.

The girls, I truly had fun shopping for.  Apart from the netbooks, and the week of setting them up, we bought them stickers (to decorate their laptops, of course) and a folder for them.  We also bought dice, which were presented in silver pouches with YAHTZEE pads I had made.

It’s clearly all about the Joy of giving, and I enjoyed it!

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