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January 27, 2011

I have a B Ed (hons) English & Technology from University of Chester; and I have a TEFL Diploma from Bridge Online.

Amanda and Cleopatra Bookweek 2010

Amanda and Cleopatra (me on the left) Bookweek 2010

I have been teaching mainstream primary for 12 years (with a few years out in between); and have been lucky enough to teach all year groups from KG up to Year 6 full-time.  Last year as a Full-Time Supply teacher at a large K-12 school in Kuwait, I also gained experience teaching Science, Social Studies and Maths in KS3, and English in KS3&4.

I love teaching, but don’t like the early hours – in Kuwait the bell rings at 7.30am!  So why am I not teaching now?  Well, an accident last summer landed me in ICU for three weeks, and bed-ridden for a further three.  A few months later I had to have a kidney removed – so I was off school for a further five weeks.  For a long time after I returned to school, I would come straight home and sleep.  Hubby would wake me up at 7pm to eat dinner, then I’d be back to sleep.  So, I quit work to get me well (takes time – I just had more surgery last week); and am using the time to do a Master of Arts in Online and Distance Education with the OU.

"Shoo" says Kate. "Yeah Right", say the cats.

Not an easy task, trying to fight my cats for the laptop!  However, I do believe that e-learning is an immensely important part of today’s education.  Since being introcuced to Interactive Whiteboards two years ago, I don’t think there is a single lesson I have prepared without a supplementary interactive activity.

About me – I love sailing, and own both a beachcat and a yacht.  We regularly sail on expeditions to the islands of Kuwait.  In fact, my husband and I intend to sail around the world starting June 2012 (after I finish this MA ODE), and we’re hoping I’ll be able to use this qualification to help out with the expenses of doing so.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I’m also a SCUBA Instructor Trainer in my spare time – and this year I’m working as a Safety Diver for a Commercial Diving operation here.  They say variety is the space of life!

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  1. February 7, 2011 1:12 pm

    WOW Kate! What an interesting life you lead with a quite a bit on your plate by the sounds of it. I almost laughed out loud at the end “I’m a SCUBA Instructor in my spare time”– what spare time?!:-) Thanks for this post and we all look forward to seeing you online when you are able to get there.

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