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H807: Flat Stanley’s Returning to Kuwait…

March 1, 2011

I just received a letter from Flat Stanley, my American friend, who he says he’s coming back to visit Kuwait again!  Years ago, before I started a blog, he had a nasty accident at school.

Marc Stanley Walmesley the Dog

Flat Stanley enjoyed sailing with Mr Walmesley.

A bulletin board fell on him, and squashed him flat.  He was quite sore for a long time after. His teachers, friends and family tried to blow him up again, but it didn’t work, and to this day, Stanley remains as flat as a pancake.

This has its advantages.  It means he can always win when he plays Hide and Seek with his sister.  It also means he can slip into envelopes and travel to exotic places, like Kuwait!  He last came three years ago, so he’s probably grown up quite a bit; but I hope he has as much fun as we did last time!

The Sailing

Marc Stanley Sunset

We had an awesome sunset that evening!

On Sunday, we took him sailing on our yacht, on the Gulf of Arabia.  At first he was a little worried that our big, black dog, Mr Walmesley, would eat him up in one gobble, just like Mr Fox did to the gingerbread man.  But they quickly made friends and started helping each other.  And just like Mr Fox, Mr Walmesley let Stanley ride on his back.

The Shopping

Anyway, here in Kuwait we can literally shop until we drop, since the shops here open in the evenings when it gets cool.  So we went shopping.  Poor Stanley did complain in the computer shop that he was cold in his shorts with all the A/C blasting away.

Stanley Marc Muslem Lady in computer shop

Harry had never seen an electric toothbrush before!

They keep shops so cold in this part of the world that they even built a ski slope in a mall in Dubai! Stanley even thought the women were wearing black sacks to keep them warm in the shops.  I explained that the ‘sacks’ weren’t ‘sacks’, but abbayas.  They are worn to preserve modesty, and so that they all look the same.  You know how some schools make their students wear uniforms, so you can’t tell who is rich and who is poor?  Well, this is the same sort of thing.

The Wedding

The men of course, get to wear dish-dashas, and some do, indeed, look very dashing in them.   On Monday, Stanley got to wear his own dish-dasha to a Kuwaiti wedding.  Interestingly, there were only men at the wedding, which Stanley didn’t mind in the least, since he wasn’t particularly fond of girls back then!

Stanley at Wedding (2)

The chandeliers were awesome!

The wedding party was incredible.  The buffet was a mile long, with the most delicious rice.  Stanley wasn’t very keen on trying the sheep’s eye, taken straight from a sheep’s head which was on that rice; but he didn’t want to offend his host, so he ate it – and quite rightly so.  He refused to tell me what it tasted like though!!!

Stanley did, however refuse to dance.  He said the swords they were all jumping over looked very sharp; and he was worried that if he cut himself there wouldn’t be much left of him, on account of being so flat to start with!

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  1. Alice permalink
    March 1, 2011 4:56 pm

    Hehe, what fun! I like this Kate 🙂


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