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The Most Amazing Burgee. Ever.

April 19, 2011

On April 11th at 9.15am, whilst I was at sea on my way up towards Kuwait City for a commercial dive, I reveived an SMS from my husband informing me that there was a parcel waiting on his desk for me.  Now, I’m not a very materialistic girl, and I hardly ever order anything to be delivered.  In fact, I can think of nothing I have had delivered (except for some piano scores) in the last decade that hasn’t been sailing related.  So I just knew it was my new Burgee from Cruisers Forum.

Bedroom couch with all sorts of junk.

See how the Burgee stands out in its place of honour?

Now, I earnt this Burgee with blood, sweat and tears.  A few months ago, I was invited to become a moderator.  It involves spending hours online, kicking out spammers, capitalising titles, and reading tons of really useful stuff which motivates me to kick Marc’s arse into action regarding the boat.  In return (and not that I wanted any other reward), I was sent this amazing Burgee for free (It costs $50 to normal people, and I can’t begin to explain the level of excitement it caused in the 16 pages of Burgee discussion I linked to above)!  So it sits in the most precious spot in my house.  I know it’s the best spot, ‘cos the cats love it – I had to wait for hours to sneak this shot at Breakfast time when Menika fed them!

Burgees on backstay

Duck Tape and Cable Ties are all you really need....

I would put it on the boat right away, but currently our Kuwait Flag and KOSA Burgee are held in place with Cable Ties and Duck Tape.  Now, the CF Burgee does have some great eyes for the cable ties, but I have greater plans for the CF Burgee.  As ever, CF has booted me into action.  I intend to convert the backstay into a proper Flagstaff in honour of the CF Burgee.  For a long, long time I have had this pulley in the centre of my car.  I can’t remember where it came from, and I never questioned why it was there.  But this morning, it came to me in a flash of inspiration, when Sara asked me for the photo of the Burgee.

Centre cockpit of car

Its clearly there for a reason...

So, it might take some time (after all, neither marc nor I are the most energetic of people)…  but I promise you, the Burgee will receive its place of honour on our new flagstaff.  When we get round to making it.

burgee pully on stay

The plan is...

Incidentally, I found a picture on CF of how I want to do this.  I’m not sure how great it’ll look, and I don’t even know yet whether I wantto attach this to the baby stay or the back stay….  Maybe I’ll start a thread and ask!!!

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