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Thanks Joy, I love you x x x

April 27, 2011

Hey there, I just had one of those “How do I know you” FB tasks from my niece, and it got me to reflecting on families, and how little we generally appreciate them.

Self portrait: Joy & Kate


I don’t see mine very much, largely because I moved overseas when I was 23, and never went back.  Well, not for longer than a few weeks at a time.  Mainly because I don’t really know what the rules are any more, and I get treated like an idiot.  Like when I go into the local offy to buy my first bottle of Bailleys, and hand over my cash card in order to pay, and in return I get a sneer, and told “Well, put it in the machine, lah, wha’d’ya wan me ta do wif it?”  Hmm.  Charming, eh?

Joy takes a photo

My Mum!

Anyway, I have visited three times in the last half year – once to post our bans, once to get married, and once because my Dad died.  See how I generally need a reason to go back…  not so nice.  Sorry.  The last time I visited I was there for two and a half weeks, and we had a lovely time, walking along the river (I’ve lost the photos we took – I’m sorry 😦 ), taking drives in the country looking for water snails, popping to Lark Lane along the back roads to do the laundry…  It was lovely.  I love the Liverpool house.  I wish I could find those photos….  ooh, wait….

Here they are, I just hadn’t filed them yet.

This is where we live.  Well, it’s a hundred  yards down the road from where we live.  Maybe a bit more. OK, I just GoogleEarthed it (is that a verb, yet?) and it’s 0.64 km from where we live.   That’s one of the reasons I love the house where we live.  I used to love walking the dogs here every day – walking was my best hobby then, and I loved our dogs dearly.  I miss them.  Plus they used to keep me thin.  I really must start walking an hour a day again – but it’s so hard here, where it’s so hot!

Kat & Joy by river

At the end of our road...

Another reason is the way the sunshine hits my bedroom.  I used to have it painted a blue-white (remember the dulux campaign from the eighties?) with yellow curtains up at the window, and plants under the window.  The sun would pierce through in the morning, and it was just like waking up in a meadow.  Awesome.  After I left, Alex moved in, and when I got back on holiday it was no longer blue, but yellow.  At first I was a little shocked – It was just too dark, I thought…  But he made a good decision there. Just look at how the sun makes the room appear golden…  I love coming back to this room!

Sun shines on Kate's bed

I love my bedroom!

And my favourite thing about the house in Liverpool?  It has my mum in it!  No matter what time of day or night I show up – no matter how late I am, I am always welcomed.  And it always feels like going home.  No matter how overpowering the smell of tobacco (God, did I really used to smoke?  How awful); the house is still the same, lovely old house, and the garden is always beautiful, with something in flower no matter what time of year it is.  Thank you, Joy, for making a home for me x x x

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