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Plastic Bags

May 1, 2011
You tube screen shot - seal with plastic bag around neck

Watch this NOW!

Oh dear.  I just saw a video  about the damage plastic bags do to the sea.

My initial reaction was of sadness.  To see the facts and figures about how many of these plastic bags go into our ocean each year is horrific.  I couldn’t find the link or embed code, so here’s a link to Yofi’s post: Yofi’s blog on New Year’s Resolution for the Sea.  Please take 6 minutes to watch the video.

Now, we never buy plastic bin bags.  We do, however, accept the free shopping bags, and recycle them as rubbish bags. Well, if we used recycleable cotton bags, then we’d just have to buy plastic ones for rubbish wouldn’t we?  So at least we recycle the plastic ones by using them for rubbish….  Well, it’s the truth, but it sounds wrong to me.

Plastic bag hanging inside boat (for rubbish)

There must be a better solution - do you know what it is?

Because those rubbish bags go in the big bin, which gets emptied into a refuse truck, which goes to the landfill.  So still, those bin bags are going straight back into the desert to be abused by wildlife.  But what else can we do?  If we don’t use a plastic rubbish bag where are we supposed to put the rubbish?  Straight in the bins?  But then the bin would get dirty quicker, and we’d have to wash it more often.

In my car I have a sort of mesh bag which I use for rubish and empty it out when it gets really full and starts to annoy me – but in the car I never really have any sticky rubbish.

So, no kidding, I need solutions here….

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  1. May 9, 2011 7:48 am

    Sorry Saucy, no solutions here….we are starting to be more critical about excessive packaging, and its effecting our product choices.

  2. Jobbo permalink
    August 18, 2011 4:18 pm

    Biodegradable plastic bags (really biodegradable, not “biodegradable” as a marketing term for bags that last 100 years in the sun).

    The downside of biodegradable bags is they are weaker, and more expensive than normal ones.

    I live in Australia, and one state here (South Australia) has made non-biodegradable bags illegal.

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