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The New Bike

October 8, 2011
pic: bike

I love my new bike more than I can say!

Yesterday was bitterly cold, so I stayed inside all day.  Didn’t leave the house. Glad I didn’t too… the wind was driving through off the sea, and the rain kept coming whenever it felt like it.  So my resolution of going for a bike ride every day lasted about two days!  I love my new bike.  I bought it during my last trip to Liverpool, when they refused to rent me a car due to my lack of credit rating.  I suppose that’s one of the downsides of having no credit!  Apparently they have to check the addresses on at Liverpool airport, ‘cos people keep renting the cars and not bringing them back!

Anyway, I took the bus up to Halford’s bought a reduced bike plus rain guards, lights and lock for less than the price of car rental for a week.  It’s an Apollo Twighlight, and it’s brilliant – lightweight alloy or something, so I can pick it up and carry thru the mud bath which is now our front garden…, and have been dashing around Liverpool just like the old days.  And jut like the old days, I beat the bus to Garston this evening!  It’s been brilliant… I’ve so far been to the police station in Allerton (without dismounting for any of the hills!), the library in Lark Lane via Sefton Park and Garston.  Hopefully I’ll ride up the river in the next few days just for old time’s sake!

Wouldn’t you know though… moments after I left the house, it started raining.  And I mean bucketing.  Then as soon as I stopped and put my ski jacket on, the rain stopped!

Edit:  After 5 weeks in Liverpool using the bike instead of a rental car, I lost 6kg.  I will never go back to renting a car when alone.  Thank you Hertz, I could have BOUGHT your car with SPARE cash if I wanted to… you really did yourselves no favours when you refused me that week long rental back in July.  Had you not, I’d have rented a damned car for 5 weeks just now!  Instead, I’m going to put the tons of money I saved towards renting a BMW from Europcar over Christmas 🙂

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