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Pretty in Pink

December 10, 2011

Daafsha is a Darling, I think everyone is agreed on that! Last week it got so cold in Kuwait I thought I’d let her have my pink bandana to keep her neck warm – after all, it’s December and down to 3C out there (even though we have blue skies all day every day, it gets cold over night)!

Collie mix dog wearing pink bandana around neck

She is the biggest softy in town!

About seven or eight years ago, she started lurking outside our back garden, in the area outside our wall that wasn’t ours, but on which my in-laws had planted a garden anyway, giving her good shelter from the blazing desert sun.  At the time our good friend and near neighbour, Jo had gone away, and when I first saw Daafsha’s sandy coloured fur, I thought it was Jackie – Jo’s collie who (according to rumour) disliked Jo’s flatmate… so I thought she had decided she’d rather lodge with us.

When I took a look, though, it was a bedraggled desert dog.  My heart went out to it, but we had two dogs already (plus two cats) so Marc would go nuts if I took it in.  So I went back in and closed the door.

That week, our own dogs made every effort to escape whenever possible.  As soon as any of us opened the front gate, one would bolt out.  Gone were our days of chasing dogs around the neighbourhood – they would simply go and rummage in a few bins, then come round to the back and back to be let in.  On the seventh day, both dogs escaped together.  When they barked, I duly went to let them in, and when I opened the gate, they marched shoulder to shoulder with the stray between them through the gate.

Close up of Daafsha's eyes

The big, doleful eyes still work in her favour when guests are eating!

I stupidly leaned over, took the stray by the scruff of the neck and told it “Oi, not you”.  It looked up at me, as I was expecting it to bite and was regretting touching it, and it sat down and simply looked at me with big doleful eyes. I relented. “Go on, then”, I said, pointing after the others, and off she trotted!

She was underweight, filthy and matted, so we took her to the vets for a shave and bath.  She had a bent front leg… I forget the term, but it’s a condition heavy boned animals (most usually seen in Lions) suffer when malnourished during growth periods.  The pink of her eye wasn’t conjunctivitis, but she has one black membrane and one white, giving her the appearance of an infection.  Every vet asks about it every time I take her for jabs (which are way overdue, oops)!

Anyway, a few years ago, the silly dog was hit by a car.  An x-ray at that time showed a pellet in the top of her tail, where she had clearly been shot by an airgun at some stage before she found us.  I sometimes wonder what people are thinking when they pull that sort of shit.


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