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Sailing with Farid

December 11, 2011
Marc and Farid on Coachroof of catamaran

Plotting away over lunch

It was actually Farid Fouzan who informed us of the Dubai boat show, when we were sailing with him on his Lagoon 410 the weekend before in Salmiya.  Apparently Marc had been invited out previously when I was in the UK, but he kindly waited for my return.

I have sailed with Farid before, when it first arrived a year and a half ago.  Coincidentally, the kids were staying, and we went out for a day trip with him, a sort of getting to know your boat weekend.  Well, this time, the wind decided to stay home, so although we did get out somw way (those things move even in light airs) it wasn’t exactly excitement central, and we had to put the motor on to get back in time for the football (in common with most Kuwaiti’s Farid has satellite TV on his boat)!

Flat calm sea off stern of catamaran

Like I said, not a lot of wind!

Well, the boat needed returning to Khiran by the following weekend – it was only in Marina Mall for the holiday courtesy of a friend who was off gallavanting in his yacht, leaving the berth free.  So we decided it would be fun to sail down midweek when there was some wind.

It was hellish straight into the wind, so we tacked even though we were motor sailing.

Always against the wind!

The boys, though, had meetings, and it would be a long trip for one day, since it had taken 10 hours to plough down under motor against the wind.  So it was decided to take the boat into El Khout Marina a day earlier, taking about 30nm (a third of the total journey) off the boys.  But Thaju, the ‘Captain’ was unsure of the waters, and had never been to the Marina before.  So I was volunteered to go along.  It was an uneventful day.  We motor sailed under Genoa (and I’m glad we did, considering what happened the next day….), arriving at lunchtime.  I was expecting to pull into the open berth under the restaurants, but instead was given a teeny weeny little spot inside – and I gotta say I was contemplating giving the helm back to Thaju…. but those twin engines really do give you so much more steerage than out diesel inboard on the monohull.  You really can turn that thing on a penny.  The American guys in the Mall applauded the parking, and I was tickled pink!

Google earth image fahaheel to khiran

Leg 2: STILL against the wind!

So, next day, off to Khiran (this time 50nm) with all the boys on board.  It was fun – the sails were up, the eind got up, the rigging broke and Marc sorted most of it out.  The one disaster… The jacklines broke loose and were flogging about like mad – and they were too rotten to untie, so I cut them free.  Mostly right at the ends so they could be retied, but there was one that I couldn’t get to safely right on the end of the boom, so that got cut off with about a foot to spare.  Luckily, Marc said that they were planning on getting some decent jacklines anyway, with proper pulleys and things, so I didn’t feel so guilty any more.  It’s amazing how things rot here in the sun… lines were snapping left right and centre.. on a two year old boat.  Our sheets and rigging is largey over ten years old, which just goes to show you really do need the right materials for your climate!

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