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Sunrise and Strong Currents

December 11, 2011
Convertible lexus

Not Laura, but Laura's car. What a way to start the morning!

When we went to Dubai for the boat show and a convention over the weekend of 18th – 20th November, we were lucky enough to stay with my old schoolfriend Amanda and her husband Adam.  Can you believe I forgot to take photos of any of them – but I will say, neither they nor the kids have changed one bit (I don’t even think any of the girls grew!) since they were living in Kuwait last year… except that they both seem so much more relaxed now than they used to! Now wonder, Dubai really is an awesome place now that it’s no longer simply a dirty building site!

Anyway, I was invited to a meeting on Jumeira Beach.  I was collected by Laura just after dawn in a beautiful Lexus.  We arrived and set up the gazeebos, which seemed to have a character of their own!  There was fresh coffee, there were cookies, fresh cup cakes and an enormous bowl of fruit which I dutifully tucked into!!  Delicious!

I was overawed by the number of people who were out there at 6.30am swimming, but heard that there was a triathlon coming up, and folks would get out to swim before the water got busy with jetskis and such.  I envy the willpower of such people!

Gazebos on Jumeira Beach

Gazebos on Jumeira Beach

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