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Kaliya’s First Rosette

January 21, 2012

The day before we left on holiday back in December was perhaps the worst day ever that the maid could have chosen to bring us a 3 month old puppy which needed re-housing, but being a soft soul, I said she could keep him here for two days while she found him a home.

Kalia takes his first rosette!

So, it was rather a pleasant surprise when Kaliya (Hindi for Black Man) won the Musical Sit at the K’s Path Dog Show in January! Sadly, it was a fairly overcast day (the reason for the blurry photo, I am told), and cold and windy to boot, so not all that many people showed up.  I know of at least three families who said they were going, but didn’t, all because they were gloomy!

It was a good effort, though, for the first ever Kuwait Dog Show.  Vendors were there giving away free samples of dog food (Marc refused when they offered him, for some reason); and selling popcorn at KD3 ($10) a bag (I’m amazed anyone bought the stuff – I certainly wouldn’t at that price); and the KD5 per person (dog’s free) entry fee got a us poop bag for each dog!

Anyway, we managed to suffer through an hour, then just as Marc was itching to go, I decided to enter Kalia into the Musical Sit.  All he had to do was sit every time the music stopped.  We were allowed to use commands, or rewards, but not to use force.  Now, I normally simply jerk back gently on the lead, but I was afraid that might be regarded as force, so I resorted to treats instead, and got the cat food.  So every time Kaliya sat, he got a piece of cat food.  Have you seen the size of cat food?  Tiny, but as far as Kaliya was concerned, they may as well have been chocolate. All I had to do was stop, looking at him and say “s” and he was down on his bum.  He won, and totally deserved to.  He performed awesomely.  If only he would stop shitting in the house now, and chew his elephant rather than Christine’s DVD boxes!!

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