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Ellie the Elephant

February 17, 2012

Two halves no longer make a whole!

Ellie the Elephant was given to me at some stage when I was teaching Kindergarten.  She went into immediate action as a Speaking and Listening aide, working alongside Eggy Bear, enabling the little children to speak to each other through make believe characters.  Eggy Bear, BTW was a yellow and white teddy who had a bag of sweets on his back, with which he would reward the students for good conversational skills.

Anyway, needs must, and when Kaliya started stealing the cushions off our couches (kindly bought as a wedding gift by teaching colleagues ten years ago) to soothe his aching mouth), I sacrificed Ellie to save the cushions.  Or that was the plan.

On Ellie’s second week as a chew toy, I was foolishly playing tug with him.  That’s when Ellie lost his head.  Never mind, I sewed it back on.  The next day, same thing happened.  This time, I stitched the gaps closed in the head and the body, so now Kaliya has two elephants on which to soothe his teeth.  But he still prefers to pinch the cushions off the couch.  And the TV remote, apparently, which Christine had foolishly left on the coffee table.  Yesterday, he brought me one of Christines DVDs up. Today he brought me a purple croc which I had foolishly left behind the bar.  And every other day he brings me cushions from the couch.  Oh the joys of teething.


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