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Overcoming Overeating

February 20, 2012
Bowl of fruit

I know what choices I should make!

Did I mention, recently, that I’m on bed rest?  I’m sure I did, cos I can’t think of much else at the moment.  Well, that means I can’t exercise.  and once I’ve read through the fora to which I subscribe, and research even more about low beta hCG numbers, then I get bored.  And one of my problems, when I’m bored, is that I over eat.  And not on the right stuff.

I mean, Marc has been fantastic, and bought me plenty of healthy food. And I eat it.  Cottage cheese, fruit – at least five, usually seven a day.  But I can’t help myself.  Yesterday I ate five creme caramels at over a hundred calories each; as well as a Snickers Cruncher and a Cadbury’s Crunchie.

As a result, my Sparkchart looks something like this at the end of the day:

Because of overeating

I mean, all the planned bits looked great.  I had salmon with pasta shells, mushrooms, brocolli and carrots for dinner.  Lunch was a dozen carrot sticks – without any fattening dip.  Breakfast was a banana, and marmite on toast.  I know all about healthy choices, Marc is happy to cook healthy choices, because he prefers real food to the processed crap.  So why, Oh why can’t I stop gorging on friggin’ chocolate bars and creme caramels?

You know what’s really frustrating?  Despite going so far over healthy limits for treat foods, after three weeks, my weight has barely risen.  That means, if I could just drop that extra thousand cals a day from my diet, I could probably look like Victoria and Kate!

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  1. Mac McJunkin permalink
    February 22, 2012 5:21 am

    Same problem so many active people have, I’m a 67 year old competitive cyclist (road bike) and within my circle you will find just about everyone wrestling with the weight issue. Sugar raises your insulin levels and tells your body to store fat. I’m presently following Precision Nutrition’s guidelines they are very thorough and they are not calorie counters. Good Luck.

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