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Hardee’s – Bad, Bad, Bad!

February 23, 2012

Apparently ‘Bad’ really means good, in gang language.  Or maybe that was back in the 2000’s.  Now that it’s the ‘tens’, who knows, maybe bad means bad again.  It doesn’t help that all the movies I watch are on DVD, and some are even from the last century, so I don’t really have any guides to current language now that I’m no longer teaching.

Anyway, the point is that Hardee’s is bad. On many levels.  Years ago, I heard the reason they weren’t in the UK is cos they’re not allowed, on account of the food content, ie, the amount of beak and bones in the burgers etc.  To be fair, I haven’t been able to find anything on the internet to support this, but I believed it at the time.  It never stopped me eating Hardee’s burgers, though.

It’s also bad simply because it’s convenient.  They make it easy to go back for more.  It’s tradition, not that I have to have a Hardee’s Mushroom and Swiss after every embryo transfer.  Once I didn’t, and that’s the time I didn’t even get a positive.  That would be fine, but this time (and only this time, mind) we have been four times on the way back from the clinic, when Marc has forgotten to take dinner out of the freezer, or when it has been too late to cook.  Bad.

And value?  The other week I got a burger, curly fries, drink AND a cookie for a dinar and a quarter.  That’s a filling meal, for a quarter of the price of a pizza meal!  We no longer ever buy one Chocolate Chip Cookie for a quarter.  Why would you, when you can buy half a dozen for less than a dinar?  Bad.

Pie chart showing food breakdown for day

One Hardee's meal yesterday accounted for two thirds of my calorie intake for the day

And the calorie count. I started tracking again over at Sparkpeople the other day, and look what happened!  Yesterday I had soup for lunch… vegetable, with Iranian bread and tons of cheddar cheese.  And yet one Hardee’s meal still accounts for two thirds of my day’s calories.  Now, that, my friends, is bad!

But, as Marc pointed out, it is all in a good cause.  It’s not like we go on the way home from places any more… it is only after we have been to the clinic 🙂

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