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Scarlet Cushions

March 11, 2012
Two dogs, a pair of human feet, and yards of fabric.

Kaliya and Rama. Or at least his feet! Rama is our Dive Boat Captain.

Today I had to measure out the fabric for the quarter berth cushions, with extra to spare so I could wash and shrink it before taking it to the tailor to work his magic.

The task wasn’t as easy as it should have been with a five month old puppy jumping on both the cushions and the fabric every time I turned around!  I guess I shouldn’t really have been all that surprised. Neither was I surprised that neither dog would actually stay on the cushions and fabric long enough for me to take a photo whenever I pointed my camera! Anyway, it did give me an idea.  You see, back when Messilah Beach Hotel closed, we bought a job lot of loungers with cushions.  The loungers are still in the factory, but the cushions tuen up everywhere.  On the dive boats to pad our asses when we’re working hard all day, on Aaza Dana’s cockpit benches, as well as her coach roof and hammocks, on the cat club beach, and on the kitchen floor for the dogs to sleep on.

hammock with a lounger cushion

Tash chills in style as usual

The problem with the latter is that the dogs seem to think that gives them carte blanche to leap on these cushions wherever they appear!!

So today I had the awesome idea of making covers for them, to make it easy for the dogs to identify which are their beds, and which are ours!!

Dog on dog bed.

Kalia also chills in style!

I was so pleased with how they turned out that I made a second set, so now we have a pair of beds for the kitchen, and a pair of beds for the boats.  “They’re not Scarlet!” I hear you thinking!  Nope, but they are made from an old pair of my Mother-in-Law’s curtains, which makes them my Scarlet Cushions.  You know, as in Gone with the Wind…

No matter, at least Kalia seems to like them.  Da’afsha takes a little longer to get used to change!

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