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Gifts for God

May 10, 2012
Minaret shaped cooler

This minaret water cooler is at the other end of my lane. I am amazed I never noticed it before I started photographing them!

In my last post about water coolers, I was fairly cynical about the reason there are loads of water coolers all over Kuwait, which have been given to the people as a gift.  Well, whatever the reasons, I truly appreciate those gifts when I’m out walking the dogs… It is great being able to refill my bottle and give the dogs some in a collapsible bowl I carry.  Anyway, my good friend Adil visited us yesterday, and he told me a very nice version of the same story.

We had been discussing the shelter in Wafra, and Adil told me it was very good what I was doing for the shelter.  He asked me about who started it, and I told him about a couple of teenagers we taught to dive back in the early part of this century (or was it the end of the last?); and how they had lost their young sister, Dalal in a car accident.  A tragic accident, involving several young kids from the riding stables.  Well, the older sister, Ayesha, started a much needed shelter in Dalal’s memory, which was very fitting considering her love of animals.

These replicate the giant water towers that line our expressways in clumps of five.

Adil said it was a beautiful act of goodness to make something in another persons memory, which will go on to help others to live after.  He explained that is why there are so many water coolers, because the will go on giving water to those who need it. As one who needs it fairly often, I’d like to thank everyone who has donated a water cooler somewhere in the world.

New version of the traditional house.

Home made casing for older stainless watercooler. I think these have more character, and I love the setting for this one.

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