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Getting There Slowly!

July 24, 2012

So, about six years ago we extended our yacht by about 3 feet by adding a scoop (or swim platform). It is an impressive piece of work, designed by my impressive husband, and masterly crafted by an old friend John Hermanson, who used to work on big time racing yachts.  We struck lucky finding him – an interesting character who gave up the booze and drugs, converted to Islam, then moved to Kuwait to wed a Saudi doctor he met online!

Tris helming the yacht

Tris sails the yacht in her previous life as Regina.

Anyway… the scoop adds three feet to the overall length, and is designed to enhance our diving experience.  The external lines blend with the boat, and you wouldn’t know she’d been extended if you weren’t told!  The steps are fold down and very heavy duty, with a platform which folds out just underwater, so we can swim up to the ladder, sit on it and hand our gear up to the handsome dudes up on the scoop!  We’re going to figure away to lock the same bench up when the steps are up, to use as a bench for the BBQ!

Anyway, we also decided that the bench at the back (who knows the real name for the seat the helmsman sits on?) was decidedly uncomfortable.  See how it curves?  And see how there’s about 30cm to perch one’s bum when sitting (or standing) up? Well, it was great for sticking your leeward foot on when racing and heeling at 80 degrees, but rubbish for making yourself comfortable, even by yourself!  And at the ending of the day we are planning on doing more cuddling than heeling when we go cruising the world.  And those curves are NOT conducive to cuddles!  So, we (well, Lino, under Marc’s supervision) ripped it out and put in a much more comfortable flat(ish) bench.

Still needs the teak adding on top, but this is soooo much more comfortable!

Not only do we get to cuddle now, but we get waaaay more storage space.  So much more that we had to fit shelves inside to be able to use the space.  I’m impressed!!  You can just see the tiny locker behind Tris’s left leg that was used to contain the gas bottle? Well now ALL that space under Marc is usable; and easily accessible through lifting hatches.  Awesome.  I think the plan is to store the dive cylinders in there, with a compressor underneath the shelf we put in.  We’re having bog dilemmas at the moment whether the added initial expense of a compressor is a worthwhile investment.  See, we have compressors, but not one that’s small (read lightweight) enough for the purpose, and a new compressor would be a couple thousand dinars 😦 Oh well, that’s another project on hold till we can make a decision anyway!

So much space!

At the moment, tho, we can even use it to store the fenders, which is a really good thing, cos the lazarette has a big hole in the panel between it and the engine room, so it was a constant worry that a fender line will fall through the gap and get caught in the fan belt, which wouldn’t be good news!

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