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Roisin’s Here!!!

August 1, 2012

It has been three days since my beautiful niece Roisin (Pron: Roesheen) arrived with my simply adorable step-daughter Tash in tow.  Even as she was on the plane I promised a close family friend that I’d make Roisin post a photo every day.  Ha. We are hard pushed to even remember to take the camera with us when we go out.  Or even to take it out of the bag when we do remember it!

Oh well!  

We did remember it yesterday though, and we started with a family photo in the garden.  Well, we call it a garden, but it’s really a shaded car port.  With a pond and terrapins and lots of plants.  We like it, especially considering not a lot usually grows in desert gardens!  Anyway, here we are, Marc, myself, his kids Tris and Tash, and my niece Roisin.  And Rama, who is our boat captain.

This was the day Roisin and I went to the shelter in Wafra, a farm area on the Saudi border.  We started our day by washing 8 puppies whose mother had been killed, and the puppies brought to us.  It is a sad fact of life here that locals use dogs here for target practise with air rifles.  Our lovely Daafsha has a bullet in her tail… but that’s another story.

Roisin then stayed with the puppies in their kennel to socialise them, and they seemed to think she was their mother, gravitating towards her, muzzling her shoes, and falling asleep in her lap. Sadly we left the camera in the bag, but I’ll try and remember to take some photos of the pups when we go down next time, and add them in here.

On the drive back we did see some camels (yes, I still forgot to stop for photos), but the camelherds were asleep on account of it being Ramadan, so they weren’t around for us to strike a bargain.  Her Mum, it would appear, would rather receive the cash value of three camels than have her daughter back.  Marc and I are contemplating buying her as a slave for ourselves.

Later that evening we went down to the pool for Roisin’s diving lesson.  Under the tutelage of my handsome step-son she is gaining confidence, and seems to think nothing of taking her mask off under water.  Or of removing her regulator, throwing it away, then recovering it.  Sometimes, she even remembers to put it back in her mouth and start breathing again, which we find is always a bonus.

Then, because clearly the day hadn’t already been busy enough, we went into Fahaheel to do a little shopping.  Marc picked up yet another new computer, and Roisin bought some souvenirs.  She made some awesome choices, but I’m not going to post photos and spoil the surprises!  Maybe after she gets back home I will though…

In Ramadan here the shops open for a short while in the morning (late, not before 10am), then close until after Iftar (sunset) when the Moslems break their fast.  Since Iftar is not until nearly 7pm, that means the shops only start to open at around 8pm!   Luckily, a few dressmakers and fabric shops were open, giving Tash a chance to look for some fabric to have a suit madeand to browse catalogues for a suitable pattern (but in the end we decided it wasn’t such a great idea, since all the tailors are busy creating the Eidh party dresses).

So, we made it home from shopping at around 11.30pm.  And then we made dinner.  We being Marc and I, since all the kids promptly disappeared upstairs to do internet stuff with their mates.  Not a problem, we make wicked spag bol, and spag bol we served up at ten minutes past midnight.  It’s fun being in Kuwait during Ramadan!

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  1. roisin permalink
    August 24, 2012 2:47 am

    miss you loads xxxxx had such an amazing time cant wait till next time 😉 xxxxx

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