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Finally, the Garden…

November 17, 2012
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Back in the spring, my mother-in-law asked for an update on the garden, and I diligently took loads of photos, and then forgot all about it.  But I remembered tonight, when I was sorting all my photos so figured I’d post them now.

As a reminder, this is what the garden looked like when we moved in five years ago:

Garden with planters.

Initially we transplanted what we could into cement palettes!

We had moved from a huge garden by the sea, and weren’t able to bring everything with us, but we did move the palm trees down to the beach at our dive club, and after cutting back many of the smaller trees, we brought them with us to Fintas in cement palettes… and there they stayed for the next three years. I just noticed the nice puddle of dog pee in this photo – but never mind!

See the string I hung on the back wall?  That was for the false jasmine which grew up really quickly and covered the entire wall.  Also, you can just see, in the top left of the photo, the shade net that Marc hung across the yard to protect the plants from the harsh desert sun.  We never needed such a thing back in Salwa, since the shade from all the trees was sufficient.  In fact, here is a photo of our garden in Salwa, which will NEVER be matched for it’s uniqueness.  Remember, this is a man made oasis in a desert:

The amazing garden in Salwa!

Ooph, did I ever look so serious? And will I ever be that thin again?  Anyway, this Salwa garden was the product of my in-laws who lived there for maybe 25 years.  You can’t see the enormous rubber tree which Marc planted as a seedling, and which towered over the house.  I loved that garden.  The house, on the other hand, was haunted, so wasn’t to sad to leave that!

Anyway, back to the garden today…

I have published the complete album on Facebook, but here is a taster of what it looked like this Spring:

Captain Rama moonlights as a gardener!

Sadly, this years crop of tomatoes didn’t work, but last year we had hundreds.  You just never know with plants!  Also, we had a crop of bananas, which was the most exciting event of our gardening careers, but the tree went rotten before they ripened!  But bananana trees breed like rabbits, and we have another half dozen trees which just might come good before we leave….

Anyway, if you’d like to see the rest of the collection, you can take a look here at my FB album: Fintas Garden 2007 v. 2012

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