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The Northern Lights for My Birthday Treat!

January 22, 2013

When we headed off to the Arctic Circle for my 40th birthday (which just so happened to be in the middle of Winter), we expected it would be a little cold.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that it was warmer in the Arctic Circle than in Copenhagen.  Much warmer.  But still too cold for us to take our fingers out of our gloves and take photos.  But like Marc said, there are much better photos on the internet than we could possibly take with our mobile phones.  And he was right.  This photo from National Geographic is pretty much exactly what we saw the first time we saw the Aurora on our third night in Sweden at Camp Ripan, Kiruna:

Green fingers coming to get us!

Green fingers coming to get us!

I had my doubts about walking off the beaten track in the middle of the night in the Arctic Circle, especially since we could hear wolves in the forests.  Or maybe they were dogs, pretending to be wolves, but sounded like wolves to me.  But that’s what we did, and it was so worth it, to see these green fingers dancing right over our heads.  It was spectacular.  Amazing.

And then on our way back, the lights started beaming their way down to Earth.  This is a picture of the campsite we were staying, and the lights we saw were in this very same place, and reaching down through the rainbow spectrum exactly like this (although this is the reception of our campsite, and the view we got was through trees up a hill):

Rainbow colours!

Rainbow colours!

A few days later, in Bodo, Norway, where we got another amazing display after we had taken a Spa at the hotel Saltstraumen  Campsite where we stayed,

Waiting for the last train, back to Trondheim and Oslo, we met a waitress who told us that she was afraid of the Northern Lights when she was a child – it seems that Scandinavians tell their kids that if they’re not in by dark, the Aurora will come and get them.  So there she was laying in bed, watching these green fingers swirl out to get her!!  Poor kids!!!


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