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Day One

May 5, 2013

After a lovely send off from a few close friends at Fahaheel Sea Club at High Noon, we called straight in to neighbouring Al Khout Marina to refuel – which was fortunate since we’d forgotten to stock up on lighters.  So Kiera ran across to The Sultan Centre, whilst Marc and I refuelled and used their hose to clean the decks – which doesn’t happen often!

The start of the Voyage of a Lifetime...fFuel for when the wind doesn't blow!

The start of the Voyage of a Lifetime…fFuel for when the wind doesn’t blow!

The guys at the fuel station seemed to remember me from a previous visit, since they asked me to take douche – once when helping Rama refuel (last Summer Fahaheel kept running out of petrol due to the Ministry changing the requirements for delivery licencing) I did hose myself down to cool off, and the guys were clearly hoping for a similar treat.  So I gave it to them.  Problem was, this isn’t Summer – this is only Spring, so what happened was, instead of drying off instantly as one tends to in the dry Kuwait Summer heat, I stayed damp pretty much all day, and actually had to change to warm up.

In fact, all of us were in our long winter clothes by the time the sun set, but we were well prepared!  We made it to Miradim Island by 7.30pm, and moored up inside the new Marina there so we could grab a good night’s sleep (Kiera kept me up till 3am after a midnight shop at The Wholesale Centre to stock up on essentials such as chocolate) and set off through the Khafji Oilfields during daylight.  Of course the guys were very welcoming, offering us a room inside (which we turned down without even looking of course, since these places are NEVER as pleasant as Aaza Dana) and meals, drinks etc.  And then, when the chamal (a strong stormy wind from the North) blew over at midnight (the CG guys had predicted 2am, but there you go) they came down to make sure we were OK, just as I was doing a final check of the decks to make sure nothing was going to blow away, after having tied an extra line to the stern just in case.  In fact, that’s not true, they came down just as I was pinching a fender from the pontoon, since we needed an extra and had forgotten to pick one up before we left.  They helped me nab other fenders as well.    Marc, BTW, was sleeping like a baby whilst all this was happening.

Oh, and earlier I took a moonlit walk around the island with the dogs.  I must say that the building of the CG station on Miradim has been a blessing in disguise – both for the reefs, which are regenerating at astonishing speed, and the island itself, which is greener than I have ever seen it, with just one track around the island which the CG guys have obviously worn with their daily exercise regime.  It was beautiful – the most beautiful I have ever seen it!

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  1. May 30, 2013 8:28 pm

    Look forward to the next instlament x

    • June 3, 2013 6:36 pm

      so the adventure begins – just wondering – do you tie ropes to the dogs when you are sailing (or put mini life jackets on them) just in case they fall overboard? (I worry about things like that!) Happy sailing

      • June 6, 2013 1:21 pm

        LOL!!! No, we don’t harness them, they have free run of the boat! But during heavy weather they do have lifejackets for when on deck, but they tend to hide in the cabin!

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