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Kids Sailing in Oman

June 2, 2013

Day 029

Woken at 10am by Mohammad, the General Manager, and Adam, the Chief Instructor of OmanSail, was a little embarrassing to say the least.  Especially considering it was the FIRST and ONLY true lie in that Kiera and I had had since we started on this voyage!

Kiera, it would seem, had been expected at Kids’ Camp at 0930, and the guys were making sure that she was still going to come along and help out.  It seems her potential was recognised early on, and Adam had taken her out for a sail on the 2 man Venture to test out her capabilities.  Obviously she came up to scratch!

So she went to the afternoon session, and has been going since.  It is truly great to see these kids, about 7 years old, two to a boat, bumping into each other left, right and centre!  They have complete confidence in what they are doing, and don’t care if they do go upside down!

Practise at being towed in light winds!  You can see our yacht just behind them!

Practise at being towed in light winds! You can see our yacht just behind them!

Meanwhile, I sorted out the food lockers behind the spinnaker locker.  Funny how on a sailing yacht, it’s just not surprising to see the spare containers of pasta and biscuits being kept with shackle containers and camping gear. Oh, and all the sewing that needs doing.  This was step One to making space to clean out the quarterberth so I can get at the sewing machine and make privacy/sun curtains for the windows (I must check what the fancy nautical word for ‘window’ is, I just can’t remember)!

I turned down an afternoon sail with the ladies to attend a conference the Sales and Marketing Manager was giving to his team on arrival of a new team member – thought it might be good to get some inside intel on how Marketing is supposed to work, but sadly it was mostly related to local marketing such as Press Releases, such as we used to do at Dive Caroline.  Not much related to an International internet drive like I’m doing at Cruisers Forum…

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