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Ladies Sailing in Oman

June 3, 2013

Day 030

So today I went out on the Q’Bas with the lady instructor trainees.  It was awesome!  Having rigged up, and been planning to stay in the Marina alongside the kids course that Kiera was helping out on, but the lady instructor on the rescue boat came up to me and aid, very sweetly: “If you don’t mind, the ladies are all outside, so if you’d kindly come and join us?” which made me very happy!

Omani ladies in buoyancy aids

The OmanSail lady instructors in training ready for a new centre opening in Sur. They are AWESOME!!

The morning was a repetitive session of tacks followed by gybes, then tackes again, etc – but it was still fun, and nice to be sailing with ladies for the first time in my life – as far as I can remember!  (IN Kuwait, for 16 years I have been the ONLY female boat-owner and skipper – and the ONLY female entrant into the International Laser Regatta etc – although a few ladies have crewed on the cats, they’re not so keen as I am.  There has recently been another lady who bought a cat, but she got herself a ‘boyfriend’ who quickly became her skipper, and I don’t think I ever saw her sail her boat without him onboard, even after they’d split as a ‘couple’.)

The afternoon session brought MOB drills, but since I didn’t have a buoy to throw, I simply did lots of runs, and then beats into the wind, and generally showed off, and got lots of complements from all the ladies, even tho I sailed the boat so hard my mast came down…

That night?  Straight to bed!

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  1. August 14, 2013 6:33 am

    Saucy Sailoress, I had NO IDEA how cool you are. Wow. Sailing in Oman? In Kuwait? Can I be your friend, because WOW. Just started following your blog via email. Thanks for being awesome and for helping fellow women sailors!

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