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Sailing is a LOT of Fun!

June 4, 2013

Day 031

Woohoo.  Today is the ‘monniversary’ of our cruise!  We caste off one month ago today, and it feels like we only just started!  To celebrate, Kiera made a chocolate brownie cake with Zain and her brother, a couple of kids who live in the flats here.  I came back to the boat and crashed.  Took a few photos of my view – firstly my bruised up legs (from the Q’BA sailing), and then the cheeky gull who keeps perching (and screaming) on our pulpit to tease the dogs.  Never heard such a racket in my life before!

The view from my hammock  - note the grazes on knees and ankles, and the bruises on calfs!

The view from my hammock – note the grazes on knees and ankles, and the bruises on calfs!

Today’s Q’BA sailing was difficult.  I wasn’t able to sail with the girls again, since they were on the bigger boats – with three to a boat (four on one) on boats which were designed for two!  So I took a Q’BA and joined the boys – who invited me to join in with their game of tag.  The first game went well, I was in until the last – ie, I came in second place – but the next few games were a little disastrous.  Mainly because I kept tipping my boat over.

Well, once by mistake during a gybe when I wasn’t focussing; once was an almost which I saved by leaping on the hull, once was a penalty for hitting another boat who was on starboard tack (although I think it was a little unfair of him to change course when I was heading to pass him by and wollop him with the frog – very unsporting in my mind).  Third time over was a surprise – I was beating – and when my sail touched the water the hull refused to come back down even though I was easing the main AND heading up.  That was a bugger to get up, cos the boat was getting heavy.

Then finally, during a race, after a really appalling back of the field start, I managed to overtake two at the first mark, hold good on the run – but then on the beat I caught up with the rest by simply holding a higher course.  I was steaming!  And then I tacked too soon in my excitement – hit the mark, took a 360 and capsized during that gybe too!  That was a bugger to get up.  It was heavy – full of water.  The instructor had a problem also when trying to lift my mast – so he took the others back in and then came out again for me.  I HAD managed to lift the boat once, but it went right over the other way.  So we switched places – I went in the rescue boat, and he came on the Q’BA.  And got it up.  Then it went straight over the other way!  Then agreed maybe it had a lot of water in it!

So, all in all a good morning, but I was sooooo tired from all that heaving myself up, I decided to take the afternoon off, and stayed in the hammock, after a really tasty helping of herrings in mustard and dill sauce which Kiera had kindly knocked up for a massive lunch!

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  1. Marc permalink
    June 6, 2013 2:27 pm

    Is sailing a lot of fun? all the best and i will keep reading your blog!!!!

  2. June 20, 2013 11:59 am

    Well darlings looks like you are living the dream…… go for it and keep us posted, Andreas

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