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The First Goa Anchorage

September 25, 2013

Two posts in one day, I hear you asking? Well, it’s quite amazing how much time you can find for blogging once you are at sea, and away from the distractions of local culture! Oh, and of course it helps having a decent phone with a decent camera and sufficient memory to use apps like this WordPress one! And of course credit to our generator for allowing us to keep our fancy gadgets fully charged!
Well, I thought I’d just tell you a little about our first anchorage. I forgot to take any photos on the way in, but I’ll hopefully remember to get some on the way out and add them later. In fact, I think I’ll just take a picture of the chart, that might help explain things…


Ok, so we came straight into a small bay called Aguada, just North of Marmagoa, which is the main port here. The reason being that security is mega high all over India since the Bombay Bombings last year, so we had to anchor up near the river mouth you can see just at the North of the bay. We couldn’t get very close though, since the surrounding water is too shallow, so we were just South of that little headland. That put us directly in the line of the South Westerly swell coming up from Africa, and was a pretty worrying experience when the squalls blew over. Anyway, the customs guy came down the river on a tender, spent about three minutes, then left us stranded there while they whisked Marc off to do the business.
After they brought him back we got out of there sharpish, and set anchor in the shelter of the peninsula on the South side. This is better, but still subject to squalls and swell, and we are about 80m away from a 1.2m shallow, so we have two anchors out to be safe. Kiera and Sultan have gone off in the dinghy, back across the bay to the tourist area to see a little of India. Hopefully they pick up a sim card so I can get round to publishing all these posts!
So hopefully in the morning we can move to the Panaji River up in the North. It looks to be shallow on the maps, but we can see cruise ships up there, and we guess if they can fit, so can we!
Oh, there’s a big house apparently sitting in the trees on the hills next to us, and they played a bugle thing at sunset. How cool is that?

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