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Arriving in India

September 29, 2013

As is becoming typical, we arrived in Indian waters after dark. And then Marc and I had our first Indian row. I wanted to stay out at sea for an extra 5 hours and sail a few circles until it got light and we could see the way in.  Marc wanted to go into port, and navigate the hazards in blackness. The crew agreed with Marc. BUT, we have an agreement that where there there is a disagreement, we always go with the safest option. So we went back out to sea. But it was an uncomfortable watch with lots of bickering.
And then, at midnight when we had agreed to wake the other watch, Marc decided that everyone was too tired to keep sailing, and his decision was to sail straight into the tanker anchorage and anchor in 25metres of water and an uncomfortable 8ft swell which hammered the platform all night, and wrenched the galley lockers open and sent bowls flying. So I don’t think he got much sleep last night.

On the bright side we awoke to the sight of land. Kiera amused herself by leaping out of bed and pretending to be the first to spot land, and went running around the boat like a lunatic shouting “Land ahoy! ”

Anyway, Marc’s off with the customs guys now. They did come to our boat briefly, but didn’t seem to like the chop, so took him back to the office. Two hours later, he returned having signed about a hundred different papers, and treated four immigration officers, a customs officer, our agent and a local agent all to lunch. Not sure what it cost yet, but we’re sure the agent will send us the bill!
Did we mention it’s getting towards the end of monsoon season? That means squalls come over every few hours, bringing torrential rain, accompanied by storm force gusts of wind. Thankfully they only usually last around ten minutes.

That means that by the time I got my camera out to take the photo the rain had stopped, but at least i managed to catch Kiera doing a raindance on the
foredeck [note to self… remember to post video]. It was at this stage that Sultan truly started to understand how crazy long passages can make some people. And we’ve only been sailing for eight days.


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