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We Think George is Making a Good Recovery

September 30, 2013


Marc, to be fair, has constantly been asking me to take photos of the jobs he does. so here he is fixing George. George is our autopilot, named (we believe) after one of Jo’s crew, who was super reliable. And he was super reliable for the first eight days of passage. But then something happened.
Now, what you need to understand is that our navigation instruments are super old. They were already old when we got the boat, which was ten years ago. That means they’re unreliable.


The wind instruments (on the right) simply don’t work. Except about once in a blue moon… for example, they started up once on the passage to India and told us we had about 19 knots off the starboard quarter, which was about right. Then 2 minutes later they stopped again. The maxiview pane (bottom  right) hasn’t worked ever since we bought her.
The depth sounder usually reads 2 metres, whatever the depth.  And we have a 2.5m draft, so we know that’s wrong!
The boat speed (top left) does work, which is good, cos it means we can keep a record of the maximum speed we get while on watch. Very important. You might be thinking “but you get speed on your GPS.” Well, thats true, but it’s SOG,  or speed over ground, which is our boat speed through the water plus or minus any effect the current has. And records only count on actual boat speed through the water.
And finally, bottom peft is George. George controls the steering using a compass heading. The heading he uses is about 100°

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