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Flying Visit to the Folks

January 21, 2014

I don’t know why, but every  photo I ever take of my mother seems to feature her face in her hands! Never mind. Just a flying visit this year, enough time to take the mama for a new hairstyle one day, and visit the brother another.

Yes... there it is... the famous head in the hands. Nice new haircut, btw!

Yes… there it is… the famous head in the hands. Nice new haircut, btw!

It amazes me every time how fast kids grow up. Although I accept that Livvy is no longer a bum shuffling baby, I simply can’t believe that she’s nearly as tall as me now!  She is beautiful, and funny, and a lot of laughs!

Livvy... Soul Sister!

Livvy… Soul Sister!

Livvy got an electric keyboard this year, and has picked it up very quickly. In a matter of weeks, she’s learnt tunes such as Greensleeves and the Harry Potter theme tune!

And then there’s Jack.

Liverpool's biggest fan!

Liverpool’s biggest fan!

He’s 12 now, and so mature. He showed us how the x box thing with the sensors works, and we had hours of fun whiting the kids’ butts. Well sort of. OK, so not really, but quote of the day… “doncha just hate it when the adults just go on it the first time and get real good dead quick”…. thanks Jack, if my ego had needed massaging, that would have done the trick!

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