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January 11, 2017

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. It’s kinda weird, I used to look forward to letting my thoughts spill out, thinking it would be interesting to look back on them when I grow up. Well… now they don’t feel so free-flowing. I haven’t wanted to write since it happened, And luckily Blaine came along and put it all into written word for me. I owe him one.

But now to start again… for a while I’ve been thinking of just making a post where I pull together all the interesting bits I’ve learned over the last few years, and put it into coherent order. But it’s not that easy. I have no idea where I’ve stored pictures… mostly on my phone I think. Not that it’s really a phone any more… its a mini tablet with the added bonus of a local line.

So, in 800 words.

Not sure where to start.  Maybe with the list on my phone… the todo list… here it is..

[ ] Langkawi flyb6

[ ] What caused sumatra bush fires

[ ] Chinese buk mh17

[ ] Conflict info MH17.  Storm diversion or usual route? KIEV ATC

[ ] Michael shrimpton

[ ] Us Pinkney Chinese sub

[ ] Fuel loading

[ ] Airbus shot down

[ ] Sub Colombo. Iranian sub SIO.

[ ]

[ ] Acoustic target buoy

[ ] USAF Bandeh Aceh

[ ] Jeff wise disinformation

[ ] P8 ruled out

[ ] Drone debris Maldives Gili Lankanfushi

[ ] Mil debris s Aust. Penguin island. Fits with SIO impact drift modelling.

[ ] Fire maintenance records

[ ] 📱 lithium fire in cabin

[ ] JORN

[ ] Similarities w. Sg air

[ ] Ex Navy seal deaths

[ ] Drone tech

[ ] Debris

[ ] Orange glow

[ ] Terror alert

[ ] Low altitude phone penang

[ ] Freescale.

[ ] 6kg vehicle electronic chips

[ ] GroResonance

That’s a long list… so what I’m gonna do is close this post, and when I find any of the stuff, I’ll make a new post and link to it from this here list.  So I might add stuff to the list as well if I come across something else…

So why now?  Well a dude from a production company contacted me recently. Doing a documentary for one of the channels… Like I told them, I haven’t spoken to any news agencies about this. At the time when I was fielding loads of enquiries, I spoke to all the investigators and ignored all the journalists. Now I’m not so inundated, and would like to be of help again.

Well it’s been nearly three years and they still haven’t found it. So if someone is willing to look into this honestly, then I’m willing to help.  And when the focus turns from “where is it?” to “how did this happen… I mean, really happen.” then maybe more stuff will come out?  And if enough people rule out enough theories, then what is left, however improbable, must be it, my Dear Watson!




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