The Pigeons

It’s time to start writing again. I’ve deleted FB from my phone… had a few issues with privacy. Well… actually the issues were with the app. It stopped working and wanted me to send a report giving permission for them to access my meta data etc. So I uninstalled it. And to reinstall it I need to give permission for them to send emails to my contacts from my calendar but without my permission. So bye bye FB app. And hello again WordPress.

Anyway I’ve been watching the Pigeons in the garden for the last few weeks on account of how I’ve been sitting in the garden more or less non stop since I got out of hospital.

I had my collar bone broken during my first ski holiday with Marc. Some arsehole wiped me out from behind and I cartwheeled on my shoulders breaking both of them (splitting my left along the length and shattering the right) and my nose.

The sunglasses survived surprisingly enough.

It was a pretty cool sight… I was spitting out blood from the nose so folks thought I was dying. And they tried rolling me into the recovery position which of course just hurt the shoulder even more. So anyway they fixed it… thank God for Bupa. Or at least I thought they fixed it. But actually although they put a plate in it never healed. 

CT scan of upper body showing a clearly broken collar bone with excess growth.
This is me!

Amazing what they can do with the imagery nowadays. This MR scan shows the bone which kept trying to heal but just grew without joining. Pushing on the brachial plexus which was causing compression of the nerves and blood vessels. Which meant it hurt to ride my bike, hang the washing and scrape the paint off the picture rails which is a bum when you’re trying to renovate a Georgian house single handed and don’t have a car!

So last week they shaved the excess bone and re plated it.


The proportions seem a little wrong. In real life the wound is massive…!

And now it hurts more than ever. I guess the sore wrist will heal… but not so sure but the constant pins and needles in the arm and hand. It’s like the pain that annoyed me when I was doing what I had to do just hurts the whole time now. And from experience I know it takes years for nerve damage to dissipate.

So anyway. Been sat in the garden for a week and a half now watching the Pigeons mate in our bush. It’s their favourite place and even the dogs have stopped hassling them. It’s taken two years but it seems the dogs are finally OK with birds sharing their back garden. Well, pigeons and sparrows and Robins and wrens. They still hate the magpies.

But wouldn’t you know when I just went to take a photo they buggered off. Never mind… they’ll be back.

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  1. Arthur Blackwell says:

    Hi Kate

    Sorry to see that you have been in the wars. For all the time I have invested in Facebook I sometimes wonder what I have got out of it , I guess for me it’s a good way to keep in touch with my family if nothing else, so I’ll plod on posting in Veritas370 and remain blocked by Blaine and Co because of that. See ! nothing has changed on Facebook . lol Get well soon and regards Arthur

    On Sat, Jun 17, 2017 at 11:46 PM, Saucy Sailoress wrote:

    > Kate posted: “It’s time to start writing again. I’ve deleted FB from my > phone… had a few issues with privacy. Well… actually the issues were > with the app. It stopped working and wanted me to send a report giving > permission for them to access my meta data etc. So I ” >

  2. buyerninety says:

    Ouch! I hope that heals well over time. Maybe try different types of pallative oils (not
    sure what are the applicable brands available in the UK) on those joint pain areas. I find
    that works for me, also applied before sleep (I place a towel around knee or wrist joint so
    the applied oils don’t transfer to the bedsheets).

    I thought I would note this picture to you;

    It demonstrates the halogen lighting colour that can be perceived on, and reflected from,
    a Boeing P-8. The picture is of an Indian Navy Boeing P-8I aircraft, probably the U.S.
    Navy Boeing P-8A’s would have the same halogen lighting.

    Incidently, I was wondering about this part of the Blaine report of what you said;
    …”Those were not the only planes Kate Tee saw that night. She later recalled having seen
    a plane flying at a very high cruising altitude on a course from due north to due south.
    She thought that was strange and wondered why it was headed towards the South Pole. That sighting was before the orange plane, but she was not clear on how long before…
    maybe 5 to 20 minutes.”
    Would that have been ‘5 to 20 minutes’ before “At approximately 19:10 UTC Kate saw an orange speck about due north”, or
    would that have been ‘5 to 20 minutes’ before the glowing orange plane “was big and close
    by about 19: 20 to 19:25” ?

    I guess while I’m asking about this, I was also wondering – can you remember if the high
    flying north to south plane passed directly over the mast, or perhaps slightly off to the left
    or off to the right, of above the mast?


  3. buyerninety says:

    EDIT; my last question could be better expressed as, did the high flying north
    to south plane pass directly above the boat, or did it pass above (slightly?)
    off to the port, or off to the starboard, of the boat? (Referencing to the mast
    may aid you in recalling your visual memory of the occaision).

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