The Warehouse

Last weekend I went on a psychic awareness couse and was introduced to the art of psychometry. I’ll talk about that in another post.

As a result I very recently joined a Pagan Facebook group to explore a belief system that seems to fit with my own recently and one girl uploaded some photos of a warehouse that her company is moving into… she posted this question with the photos….

“Does anyone else since something eeire in this pic? It’s at my work and I know there’s been a couple deaths in this building and possibly one in this room.”

The general feedback from the group was mixed. Some believed the place was fine, some thought that maybe something bad had happened, and some thought that there were presences, but non threatening.

Here’s what I thought….

This is the first photo I looked at. First I saw ropes hanging from those rafters, and when I looked closer I saw faces embedded in the floor. Three men and a woman. But they weren’t stressed or afraid, they were sad and demotivated. Giving up.

This photo showed me a man lying on the floor unable to get up, with his life energy flooding from his head. He was trying to get up but couldn’t. He looked as though he was in pain, and he was shocked and flabbergasted as though he couldn’t come to terms with what was happening.

This image showed me a young girl who couldn’t find her doll… she was crying. But her mum was there and was holding her.

So I posted about these images I had seen. Didn’t think anyone would pay any attention to these ramblings. But here’s what I heard back….

“Dude that’s so creepy cause I sensed about 3 beings down here. This hall in general is the most haunted building at my Uni. There’s been a death due to someone trying to have a diy abortion, someone slipped a fell and bleed out at the bottom of the stairs that leads into this room, and multiple suicides in dorms.”

I’m speechless. Taking time to process it.


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