Psychic Awareness Level One

About a month ago, in fact it was the last weekend in September, Marc and I took the camper van and the dogs over to Didsbury and camped up on the flood plain of the River Mersey. No photos cos it was grey and rainy. And very muddy. That was fine. We learnt a lot that weekend about mud control, which later came in handy on camp!

I didn’t really know what to expect but it was exactly as I expected. And the revelations were stunning.

I’ll start with my spirit guide. Turns out it’s a dragon. It was a really young and playful dragon, but nonetheless a dragon and when dragons appear as spirit guides it shows that a person is ready to take the jump. To start out on a whole new journey of spiritual discovery. So I’m excited about that.

And I did show a bit of frustration that it wasn’t being a very sensible dragon… but clearly it wants me to keep my sense of humour and freedom to just roll around and play.

BTW I met my dragon in person on the way… at the Halloween celebrations at the anti facing camp (which is home to its very own coven).

The lady in this photo runs a Humans of KM8 Facebook page. You should check it out… but especially the video she made of me:

So next. Psychometry. This was the most freaky thing that had happened to me to date, so I want to talk about Julie’s keys.

I was drawn to this set of keys. Now I’m going to read from the notes I took:

I saw a wide but calm river with a stone bridge. There were sticks floating in the water. I realise now what these mean.

On the banks of the river is a camp site with fire at the centre. From the fire I see a wolf in the woods beckoning me. I follow him and he starts scratching at the base of a tree. Doesn’t know what he’s looking for, and knows he won’t find it. The sun is shining down through green leaves.

Then a hospital. The Wolf is at the main doors. I follow him in to the door of a surgery. The surgeon talks to me but he’s not happy. A bed with the attachments.

Back to the river to spread ashes. The banks are covered in an apparent carpet of bluebells but when I look closer they are speedwell.

Back to reality. The Wolf alone led me to think they might be Julie’s keys since her guide was are wolf. I was right. They were her keys.

The reading was are deep one, but to cap it all, Leigh (our teacher) had read these keys for Julie a few months before and had predicted that an older male in her family had a health issue would which result in death if not sorted and a dressed. So Julie had been looking under rocks for any health issues her father or other relatives might have had.

The following week I had a message from Julie. Her old dog had taken ill and had to be put to sleep.

I suppose the reading makes sense. But I have learnt something after. The lost sticks. The dogs scratching and never being able to find it again. I have come to realise that lost toys never to be found again mean the death of a child. That can be read about in the warehouse post…



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