The Star

Deck used: Secrets of the Tarot by Zsofia Lazar and Katalin Szegedi

Recently I started contributing to the TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles) blog, and helping out with their newsletter. Well, Kati P writes a monthly article about a card which she chooses at random from the deck of her choice. This month she drew The Star from a Hungarian Tarot deck (that is now sadly Out Of Print, so I can’t attach any links to it). Its original title is A Tarot Titkai, the author is Lázár Zsófia, and the illustrator is Szegedi Katalin.

And then Kati P got busy with a child who decided to break his leg or some other drama…. gave the card to me to write about, which was quite a challenge since it’s a deck I’m unfamiliar with. But I was instantly drawn into its depths, and quite frankly wish I could get my hands on this deck now (unsurprising, since I’m a bit of an addict and I simply can’t stop collecting now I’ve started)!

the star
The Star – Secrets of the Tarot

The Star when it appears talks to me about dreams come true and wishing upon a star…and reminds me of the many times I have sat in nature, on mountains, on beaches, in deserts, on the sea (I’m a sailor-gypsy) at night, gazing up at clear skies and wondering which star was the wishing star. It reminds me of all the wishes which didn’t come true, and the disappointment which ensued….until one day I realised that the wishes which didn’t come true were simply not meant to be…and that many, many smaller wishes HAD come true…but that an intrinsic lack of gratitude had led me to focus not on the GOOD outcomes, but on the times when I didn’t get my own way. A reminder to seek out the good things I have received.

When I look into this card, I see a serenity and contentment, an appreciation of life itself, a gratitude for everything being as it is. It’s a scene into which I want to dive, and bask in the warmth radiating from the depths. And from there to practise gratitude for the amazing gifts I have been given.

The glows in this card instantly drew my eye. The sparkle of the water as she takes the elixir it offers and then pours it back from whence it came signify the ever present joy of giving as we receive. A message which I hope to remember to carry with me into daily life as I move into the New Year.

The shining on the horizon seems to encompass her as a halo, signifying the beauty that comes from such contentment and joy; and reminding me of the unity of the microcosm and the macrocosm…of the spiritual connection between above and below. A reminder to me to focus more on my meditation practise, to work on my own connection with the inner voice.

And our Lady herself radiates exquisite femininity, and is suggestive of the raw pleasure which comes from appreciating life on life’s terms. Her confidence shines through as though she knows she is beautiful, but doesn’t need to flaunt this fact as she basks in contentment. A reminder to me to appreciate myself, and accept my imperfections. To appreciate me for who I am now, not who I wish to be. To BE who I wish to be!

For me, this is a very special card to begin my journey into the New Year, and my new challenges with TABI, reminding me that gratitude is a gift, the ability to appreciate and take joy in all that I receive. And it’s a gift which I give to myself. Which is quite apt at the moment, as I am so very grateful to have been invited to help with TABI Tracker. The opportunity to work alongside such knowledgeable people who are so willing to share their gift is truly a blessing to be grateful for.


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