Imbolc Reading

In my last post I shared an image of a spread I had created for Imbolc. Now I am going to share how I read those cards. More for my own journal than anything else… but also because I have learnt that i need to journal my own readings in order to be thorough. When I read for others I never write it, but for me, I must!

Well, let’s be honest, this reading is about me, so I’ll probably be totally biased, but the overview looks quite positive overall. Sitting here looking out at my garden on a sunny day in February (Imbolc, in fact), and feeling all full of the Joys of Spring. Until I just wrote about it, and now the sun’s gone in again.

So here it is (with the questions pasted at the bottom if you’re interested)

Imbolc Spread - Paulina Tarot
Imbolc Spread – Paulina Tarot

My Roots

The Ten of Wands is feeding my interest. That’s an interesting one… looking at a man who is carrying a heavy burden. It seems to be suggesting I LIKE hard work! And it might have a point – I have been considering how I do go full steam ahead with one thing after another… this year I’m working towards becoming accredited as a tarotist, last year I started attending events to develop my psychic abilities, the year before I formalised my yoga teaching and got a certificate for that. It does seem that I seem to work better under pressure…. and this year I have taken on the role of blog handler for TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles) simply because I love getting my teeth into things. As I said to them, it is through doing service that we learn the most… so I guess this card is spot on.

At a wild guess the Knight of Swords who is supporting me is talking about my husband, who is racing off on his own mission to change the world and its politics, so that would fit very well. And clarifying him is the Three of Pentacles. At least that’s hopeful. We’re not in a great place financially, but we manage by being frugal, and it’s good to know our (his?) efforts are appreciated. We do, in fact live a life of gratitude. I was thinking just the other day, as I was giving someone a lift home to the other end of the city on a freezing cold night, “I wish I had heating in my car”, but that was followed immediately by the thought of how grateful I am to actually have a car.

My Stem

My main focus this season should be to spread joy and sunshine. Hope and light. That I can do. Inverted this card is almost as joyful as upright, it’s just a reminder to keep making the effort. Well, some things can’t be talked about publically, but those of you who know me, know how and why this is so apt a card for me!

Crossing my path, The King of Wands is inverted. Positive even when inverted, this speaks of someone close who is perhaps stressed and impatient that I don’t make the effort to keep pace with his projects. The Tower inverted suggests that he will be going through a change, and needs to be aware of his stress, and let it go. Well, without getting too personal, I have indeed seen that sort of change happening in someone very close to me, so long may it continue!

My Blossoms

Two of Wands inverted is suggested as the focus for my meditation. Wands is a suit of journeys, and twos a place of choice, so it could be that I am being asked to consider which spiritual path I wish to take. And TBH I’m always considering that, and always have. So more likely it is suggesting that I contemplate the real travel situation. This is the year we are planning on getting the dogs back to the boat, but we never seem able to get our earthly matters (the house and lodgers) in order… so perhaps I need to consider where I really want to go with that.

The Hanged Man is given as the area of my learning which I should focus on, and he is telling me to take some time out and look at things from a different perspective. Or maybe he is just telling me to take time out. As I mentioned before, I do go full steam ahead with one thing after another! To time to relax and just let the world take its own course!

Concerning improving my health, Temperance is inverted, telling me to take all things in moderation. Eat well, sleep well and exercise. Which is what I’ve been trying to do – to the extent that the last pack of nine Twix fingers I bought lasted me two days. My physio kept asking me about exercise, and my answer has recently changed from “erm…” to “well, I’ve started WALKING the dogs rather than just strolling them!”

In my environment I need to nurture the Four of Wands inverted. Again, that’s apparently a very good card even when inverted. Means I should keep celebrating and practising gratitude for what I have. No problem!

When I asked how I can help others, I’m presented with the Page of Cups and the King of Cups reversed. This is talking about one of my friends who is in an abusive relationship, and I’m sure of this because it came up in a reading for her too. He is a prick, but she can’t let go. She’s trying to throw in the towel, but can’t let go of the corner. Ace of Wands ís basically telling me swallow my pride and butt out, to let her find her own healing. OK. I’ll take that!

What else do I need to know? Well, the Six of Cups tells me that I am immersed in a dreamlike world of calm and serenity, of joy and love, of sharing and harmony. Yup. It might sound quite arrogant, but I can honestly say that I’m like that. I don’t get ruffled, I see the good in people and the good in the world, and I’m happy to keep doing so.

And the outcome? The Queen of Cups talks about love and support; and the nine of cups clarifying her is the best pip card in the deck, a positive harbinger of good things to come.

I’m biased. I must be. Can life really be this good? Yes it can, and it is. They say that Tarot tells us what we need to know, and once we know we can change our minds. For a short while there I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t being ripped to bits, that I wasn’t being thrown out oodles of advice about dealing with my defects. But do you know what? I’ve worked hard on myself the last few years, and if the all cards can give me is “Go easy on the chocolate and fags”, and take it easy, then I am happy with that. Very….

Thank you spirits x

My Roots

Paulina Tarot
Paulina Tarot
  1. What is feeding my interest? 10 Wands
  2. Who is supporting me? Kinght Swords, Three Pentacles

My Stem

  1. What should be my main focus this season? Sun Rx
  2. What issues will be crossing my path this season? King Wands Rx

My Blossoms

  1. What should I meditate on? Two Wands Rx
  2. Which area of my learning should I focus on developing? Hanged Man
  3. How can I boost my physical health? Temperance Rx
  4. What should I nurture in my environment? Four Wands Rx
  5. How can I help others in their new growth? Page Cups, King Cups Rx, Ace Wands
  6. What else do I need to know? Six Cups
  7. What will the outcome be if I follow this path? Queen Cups, 9 Cups

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