Bloomin’ Sexy!!

A few weeks ago, during a visit to our old friends from Kuwait who are now in Devon, we were invited to a dinner party.  Well, more like we barged in on it in our typical last minute style…!  It was lovely, a blast from the past – in Kuwait our social life was focused around dinner parties.  Well, as of old, our wonderful host John arranged a successful union of minds, and we had a fantastic evening of intelligent conversation and good humour.  That is when I met the lovely Carol and her husband.

A genuinely lovely couple…

Carol is funny, sweet and one of the most genuine, kind-hearted folk I have ever met.  Down to earth, and earthy; caring and kind, in touch with nature… you get the gist.  And we got to talking about her new product.   Anti chafe knickers. Doesn’t sound very sexy, does it?

I have to say, she didn’t strike me as the type to be creating sexy lingerie, but she had the answer to all my problems.  Well, not all my problems, but one of the biggest.  You know, that chafing between the legs.  I have rather over-sized thighs and they rub together.  It’s a problem.  I have to discard trousers which are perfectly good, except for the threadbare patch between my legs.  Sometimes I don’t discard them until too late… but I’m not easily embarrassed.  Anyway.  I also get horrible red spots down there in the summer when things are hotting up and I venture into skirts.  So I tend to avoid skirts, and stick with shorts.  Which then wear between the legs…

So anyway, I was intrigued.  When I got home and had some time a few weeks later I checked the website: Bloomin Sexy, and my first thought was that they were actually quite sexy.  Somehow sexier than the shiny Lycra shorts that I used to wear for this when I was in Kuwait, so I emailed her to try a bit of barter.  I offered her my (very) professional writing services to knock together an article about these hot new pants to get her blog started if she sent me a pair.  And to my delight she agreed.  I think possibly I got the better side of the deal!  But I assure you, even though I am perhaps slightly biased now, I am still refreshingly honest.  (Always. It sometimes can be a bit of a problem with social relationships!)

The idea I initially offered was actually to do a diary piece along the lines of “A day in the life of Kate in her sexy new pants”, but I am so impressed that I am throwing in a review as well to start her off.  After all, I’ll be staying at a French Chateau with the family next week, and the photo opportunities for a diary style post will be much better there than in my dried up garden here in Liverpool!

Even the box is classy!

Anyway, they arrived this morning, just two days after the deal was made, and I was impressed from the outset.  For starters the box came lined with lovely white paper, making this a classy experience from the beginning!  The pants themselves came in lovely gift boxes, the style of which reminded me a little of those old apple pie boxes from McDonald’s back in the days when I occasionally ate that junk… but of course they were MUCH classier than McDonald’s boxes! And to top it off, a lovely little sachet of pot pourri. I was truly impressed.

So they look better on the model than on me!

And to top it all off, they are actually quite pretty with lace and the trimmings.  It turns out the pants are just as classy as the packaging!  And very sexy.  Well, on the model they are… not so much on me.  Although that’s a matter of opinion.  It seemed my husband, the photographer, seemed to think they were very sexy on me.  I had a hard time trying to convince him that we weren’t doing a soft porn shoot!  So clearly he prefers them to my regular cotton M&S pants.

But more importantly, they are comfortable.  So far I’ve only worn them for one day, but it’s hot today, and my legs aren’t rubbing together.  

There was one thing I was initially a little uncertain of.  The sizing seemed to be a little on the large side. Now, the Bloomin Sexy! website is very clear about choosing size:

Sizing is generous to cater for different body shapes, so if you are unsure which of two sizes you may need, we suggest selecting the smaller size. We have generally found that selecting the same size you would wear for leggings gives a good fit.

Now then, I wear a size 12 or 14 from M&S, depending on the style, so I plumped for a size 12. But luckily I’d also ordered a size 10 pair for the step-daughter (who will model them at a later date, although I haven’t told her yet) , and I slipped them on just to check.  It turns out I have definitely ordered the right size, the tens pinched a little around the edges and weren’t anywhere near as comfortable.

So, that initial feeling of them being little on the large size, was probably because I’m not used to wearing smooth fabrics.  Yes, let me mention the fabric.  They are not only comfortable, they feel really lovely.  Soft and smooth and yes, sexy.  And I love the lace detail, and the side panels are woven with the softest ribbon I have ever felt!

I am a happy customer.  But even if I weren’t, the box includes a returns form and a sticky label for the packaging.  And if I did need to return them, they would go as a small package anyway, so I wouldn’t be out of pocket. And I have no doubt that Carol’s returns service is every bit as good as the rest of it – because I’ve met Carol, and she’s a nice person!

This is the model, not me….

So, Carol…. thank you!  I have had fun with these already.  They’re perfect!


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