Celebrating Lammas: The Apple Spread

The Sun Harvest

This Sabbat Special is part of the Tarot Blog Hop, with the topic The Sun Harvest: What end of Summer harvest do you want to bring in before fall? This hop is like the mythical town of Brigadoon. It all shows up at the same time. On the Sabbat. Just like magic! If you like tarot, please follow those links up top, and read more from others just like me but cooler. And then comment. And then share!! Let’s give tarot a boost at this very special time of year!
As part of this blog hop, I just made a post, Celebrating Sabbats: Lammas talking about what I am grateful for this Summer, what harvests the Gods have brought, and what a struggle it has been this year, thanks to the scorcher of a Summer we’ve had. Just to quickly recap the spread:Lammas Spread Apple3

First, an easy one, the core. What is at the heart of the issue? That the flesh grows around, and from which grows the seeds for what is to come next. And I think I’ll ask for a water card, representing what goodness I put into my fruit, and perhaps a sun card, what challenges did I have to face. And I’ll ask one card about the flesh, what goodness can I take out of my situation? And perhaps finish with a bit of a bruise (yup, we always get some, but husband eats them, I prefer not to)… What do I need to try and avoid damaging this apple.
And now, here goes with my reading and interpretation of the spread. Well, at first sight, my heart always flips when I see so many reversals in a spread, although I don’t know why, since I consider them to be the most helpful of all, since they give me an insight into the areas I need to work on! So let’s take a look at these cards:

Lammas Spread Apple 2
The Whispering Tarot

1. The Core: The Magician

2. The Water: 5 of Swords Rx
3. The Sun: The High Priestess Rx
4. The Flesh: King of Swords Rx
5. The Bruise: 10 of Swords Rx
At the heart of the matter, The Magician tells me that everything is in balance, that I am using my heart as well as my head to live my life. A strong character, he has the power to make a difference; so I feel like I am being told to use my gift to make a difference. To wield the magic wisely, and only as people want it. But I did manage to juggle those tools yesterday and help bring resolution to others…
The goodness I am bringing to the situation, is the 5 of Swords inverted. In this deck we see a young figure pinned to a target with those swords surrounding her, as tho they have just missed as though she has made a lucky escape. I think this is telling me that I’ve done the right thing by letting go of a difficult situation recently, one where I did indeed feel bombarded by sharp tongues which were aimed at me. So even though I have regrets, and miss my friends, I suppose I have done the right thing by jumping off that target board!
The High Priestess that represents what I have been struggling with is also inverted. And let me tell you, this is an issue which has been coming up over and over for me recently; and yet I haven’t been learning from the lesson. I do not meditate enough. I sit and contemplate. I reflect a lot. But I’ve slacked off formal meditation. And it has shown in my reactions to others recently. No wonder they’ve been gunning for me!
The King of Swords reversed talks to me about the flesh of the fruit which I should enjoy. No question, that represents my husband. He’s been a little stressed with some court cases he’s pursuing. I drew a clarification card… The Princess of Swords. Upright this time. I need to listen and learn. And I’m trying, and will continue to; but if I’m going to be honest, the legal stuff goes over my head, and I’d rather talk of spiritual matters. But I’ll try. I will continue to be there for him. And especially at this time, when the stress is starting to show in his relationships with others, especially the family. I think I’m being told to BE here for him. Put him first. Sit on my little cloud, and float through it all with him.Lammas Spread Apple King

To clarify the pair of us, I drew the 4 of Cups. Again inverted. This card came up for me recently when I went to a retreat, and I learnt that I need to sit back and listen and learn. Chill. Enjoy the time. I suspect it might be fraught for a while there (as this publishes, we are on a ferry heading to a family reunion); but here is that reminder to chill. Chill, chill, chill. Take it easy. Keep it simple. All philosophies I LOVE applying… when I remember!
And to finish us off, we have the 10 of Swords inverted… what do I need to avoid doing? Well, there’s been a bit of clashing going on recently amongst the family too. Silly, mostly about catering arrangements for the 30 of us. Well, maybe not silly, then, cos what could be more important than food? But, you know how people react with a growl? You get that message and your reaction is “WTF?”. And you ask them “WTF?”, and instead of begging forgiveness and doing exactly what you want, they just fight back? Well, it’s been a bit like that, I’m ashamed to say. But I take this as a warning not to end this one in bad blood. It’s not unheard of me to go storming out of a situation which I can neither accept nor change. And I know I shouldn’t. And I won’t. If I remember.
So this all means I need to meditate to keep myself grounded. Regularly. Stay calm. Be there. And I can only be there if I do some self-care. But more importantly, I am always ready to learn. If I can remember to open myself up!


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