Bloomin’ Sexy: The unboxing

Written by: Sissa

On a recent family holiday to France, I was privileged to be able to gift a pair of these awesome bloomers from my distant cousin, Kate. And it was a pleasure.

Now, I couldn’t believe how much these cost… when Kate told me, I was gobsmacked. Although she said in England that would buy a meal for two, in South Africa that would probably feed the whole extended family in the poshest restaurant in town.

But, let me tell you, having seen them now, they are worth every penny. First… about the box. Even the box is top notch quality. Made from glossy, embossed cardboard decorated with a red ribbon, this is a far cry from the plastic bags my panties usually come in.

Then, once the box is opened, a parcel of red tissue paper follows… putting me in mind of a Valentine’s game of pass the parcel. And THEN a cute little pouch of pot pourri followed… making this quite the sensory experience.

The thought that goes into this is very touching indeed.

And then the panties themselves… when Kate said she had a pair of bloomers for me to review, I had images in mind of Victorian knickerbockers. But these are really quite sexy. The fabric is mostly sheer, but the inner leg is lovely and silky; which allayed my fears of getting friction burns between my legs.

And the detail on the outside of the thighs is adorable. A length of delicate ribbon criss crosses right up the sides from top to bottom, putting me in mind of ballet shoes. And all in all they look and feel fantastic.

This is an incredible idea… and we’ll worth the expense… especially since I didn’t actually have to pay! Talking of which… I mentioned about the Valentine’s feel to them? Can I suggest these would make a GREAT Valentine’s gift. They are sexy in a very sensible sort of way… and so practical. I can’t wait to show my boyfriend!

Note from Kate:

I am a little biased. Although I met Carol only once, she is a friend of a friend, and she is really nice, so I want this product to do well.

But Sissa is unbiased. And these photos were taken as she unwrapped the panties for the first time… her delight was genuine and NOT in the least bit staged.

Just in case you were wondering!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Carol Westwood says:

    Thank you Sissa. So glad you like them 🙂

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