Council Tax

I’m people watching.

Marc is here because of a council tax issue. Liverpool Council are trying to change him for the period over Xmas when we had a hobo in our flat.

HOBO as I’ll call him had a habit of being kicked out of homes. And jobs it would seem. I’d call him Zebedee, cos he keeps bouncing back… but Zebedee had joy to spread and unfortunately Hobo didn’t. Anyway this isn’t about Hobo. It’s about sitting listening to Council tax stories.

The guy in front of me has been homeless four years… but he’s got a flat now. He’s done it. And now he’s getting a hassle about his council tax when he’s been struggling to buy his food and pay his gas and electric.

The lady on my right seems to be Spanish. She works part time as a chef and restricts her hours to twenty a week cos if she gets listed for me she has to start turning work down and then she doesn’t get so many offers. She struggles to pay her council tax anyway, and now she has to pay off arrears and costs too.

On my right was a little old (ish) who’d paid it all, and didn’t understand why she was here. Well, she was here to pay the £12 costs and hope she didn’t get fined more…

Before that was a young kid from Africa somewhere who regailed the council tax people with geography tales, then set up a direct debit and apologised for having forgotten.

And what did they all have in common? They all signed a paper. They left their signature on a contract between them and the council. So now there is a contracted agreement for them to pay… whereas before there wasn’t.

It’s a trap folks! Apparently.

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