MH370: Interesting Links – Keeping an OPEN Mind!

In response to my neighbours who have been watching FAR too much mainstream TV, and as a consequence now believe the media disinformation about the cause of the diversion of MH370, I am posting here links to CREDIBLE sources which do NOT spread disinformation. You will see, therefore, that they do NOT support the theory of pilot suicide. No theories do, except the official CIA line – and guess who has control of the media in the West?

MH370 Official Site

You will note the the OFFICIAL Malaysian govt website (those responsible for information) contains NO disinformation about the pilots – in fact the police investigation pretty much cleared the pilots names.

Assassination of Madagascan Govt Official tasked with transporting debris

This is a VERY interesting fact. Eight DAYS after being handed debris pieces from MH370 in August 2017, Honorary Consul of Malaysia, Zahid Raza, was gunned down. Now those pieces of evidence are stuck in a locker in Madagascar; not being analysed, while the three year old murder investigation continues. The refusal of Madagascar police to surrender the parts suggests they are not ready to rule out a possible link between the diplomat’s murder and MH370.

The Coffs Coast Advocate: MH370 Plane Hunter’s Death Threat Hell

Florence de Changy supports the plane shot down theory

Narendran KS, next of kin to one of the victims, has written a review of his pre-release edition of de Changy’s new book. Oft discredited on Social Media (unsurprisingly since she discredits the Official Narrative), de Changy has constantly sought the truth. Interestingly, she has never contacted me, presumably because she has a plot in her head and is doggedly finding evidence to fit it, rather than fitting her plot to the evidence. But she DOES find evidence to support that the Inmarsat data and 7 hour flight, ie, the SIO theory is bullshit. And she does exonerate the pilots. And she DOES point her fingers to the plane having been shot down to prevent the sensitive cargo reaching Chinese hands. All true. She also discusses ” a global disinformation campaign, that included the ‘Big Powers’”. The same Big Powers who are behind the disinformation campaign behind COVID-19, our latest and greatest biological weapon?

She’s wrong about it carrying on without turning back though. It turned back. And it went down west of Bandeh Aceh…. not long after it passed us.

Raed Narendran’s blog here:

Malaysian Minister reveals MH370 ‘downed’

Deputy Transport Minister Abdul Aziz Kaprawi said there was now “convincing evidence” that MH370 was downed in the Indian Ocean, where Reunion is situated:

Daily Telegraph Malaysian Officials Close to solving MH370 Riddle

If you find you can’t access the article due to the paywall, try here:

Archives: Daily Telegraph

Association Aeronautique Astronautique de France

The Aeronautical Society takes a look at the strong evidence that the flaperon damage was the result of a carefully controlled ditching, NOT an out of control spiral in the ONLY such study conducted on the flaperon damage.

Details of this study can be found here:

CAPTIO: Christmas Island

In the SECOND study to fit a flight plan with the Inmarsat BTO and BFO data placing MH370 near Christmas Island (possibly in an attempt to reach the military base at Learmouth at sunrise), CAPTIO studies a scenario which fits with ALL known data.

The article can be accessed here: MH370: Plausible Trajectory

Or even better, viewed as a presentation to the Royal Aeronautical Society

Or read about it in the Winter 2019 Journal of Air Traffic Control

Acoustic Location

Ed Anderson has published some very interesting research into the acoustic evidence which points to MH370 having imploded underwater after sinking South of Java:

A Strong Anomalous Acoustic Event on the Seventh Arc near Java

A Consistent MH370 Waypoint Path to a Specific 7th Arc Location

A possible Flyover of Christmas Island by MH370

This trajectory again fits into the viable theories addressing MH370 having headed towards Exmouth Military Base in WA for a possible attempted landing in the dawn light, cut short by a full shortage and a detour instead to attemp landing at Christmas Island.

France 24: Ghyslain Wattrelos

Ghyslain lost his wife and two children on MH370. His search is one of the most comprehensive I have come across, and worth looking deeper into. Scarily, he now believes the plane was shot down… a scenario which is looking more and more likely:

France24: “Most probably the plane was shot down”

Four Corners: Hishamuddin Hussein

Here the Malaysian Minister for Transport AND Minister of Defense of the time, and cousin to najib Razzak, the Prime Minister, surrepticiously accuses the Americans of shooting it down – using THOSE words. Start at 35 minutes:

ABC Four Corners: LOST MH370

Malaya Mail

The Malaysian public are in full support of these pilots, who according to eye witness testimony, seemed to be trying to land the plane safely. More relevantly, since the Inspector General of police DENIES handing any evidence from Zaharie’s hard drive to the FBI (why would they have jurisdiction anyway?) this brings into question the validity of the official CIA line, which they admit has no corroborating evidence:

Lemmino: The vanishing of Flight 370

This well presented video gives a very good summary of the sequence of events, and although it outlines a few theories in brief, it does not give opinion or disinformation:

Be sure, there are plenty more, and I will keep adding them as I recall… so keep checking back. These are NOT my theories, but these are ALL theories which fit with what I (and other witnesses) saw.

Cardiff Uni Study: Missing Data from Diego Garci

The referenced Acoustic study by Dr Usama Kadri from Cardiff University studying the acoustic soundwaves recorded at the time MH370 disappeared (disregarded by the western media portrayal) don’t fit with the official narrative of the SIO) suggests that, while there are 25minutes of data missing from the Diego Garcia station, the soundwaves suggest the plane impacted in the NORTHERN part of the Indian Ocean. Quite.

Airline Ratings: Does the wreckage of MH370 lie off Exmouth

Another article stemming from the Independent Group, again showing the shift in thinking towards the idea that MH370 may well be lying further North:

Airline Ratings: Does the wreckage of MH370 lie off Exmouth

Flight MH371 reported Multiple Electrical Faults

The flight which immediately preceded MH370 from KL to Beijing using the same aircraft (9M-MRO) had reported multiple electric issues, which hadn’t been resolved upon take off:

Evidence of Multiple Electrical Faults:

This post leads to multiple instances of electrical failures on B777-200 aircraft both preceding and following this tragedy.

USAF Spy Plane impersonates Malaysian Aircraft

Just for those who doubt that data can be messed with, just recently a US aircraft changed its transponder code to impersonate a Malaysian aircraft so it could scout out Chinese air bases without raising too much suspicion (or get shot down):

Popular Mechanics

The Malaysian Star

I do find it interesting that this maneouvre was tweeted out by the Chinese government – like a ‘we know you know we know’ sort of mind game! How many people do you know who are aware of the war tactics currently being employed in the SCS over territory?

SCS Probing Initiative is a Chinese Government Think Tank…

To put this in context, it might be worth looking into Flight Radar’s double take off imagery, coupled with reports of a ‘spoof’ plane flying the SIO route to generate false Inmarsat data. Note – I am NOT promoting such a theory, but there is circumstantial evidence out there, and as a theory it could fit, so I won’t personally rule such a scenario out.

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  1. Arthur Blackwell says:

    Hi Kate. Hope you are keeping well, I have left the Facebook group VeritasMH370, and there was a bit of a rumpus when I did. I want to still contribute to the search for the plane and with your permission I would like to ‘tag’ along reading your posts. Stay safe and regards, Arthur

    1. Kate says:

      Hi Arthur, good to hear from you. If only they all knew…. talk about rumpus…

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