The plane shot down theory


Narendran KS, next of kin to one of the victims, has written a review of his pre-release edition of de Changy’s new book. Oft discredited on Social Media (unsurprisingly since she discredits the Official Narrative), de Changy has constantly sought the truth. Interestingly, she has never contacted me, presumably because she has a plot in her head and is doggedly finding evidence to fit it, rather than fitting her plot to the evidence….

But she DOES find evidence to support that the Inmarsat data and 7 hour flight, ie, the SIO theory is bullshit. And she does exonerate the pilots. And she DOES point her fingers to the plane having been shot down to prevent the sensitive cargo reaching Chinese hands. All true. She also discusses “a global disinformation campaign, that included the ‘Big Powers’”. The same Big Powers who are behind the disinformation campaign behind COVID-19, our latest and greatest biological weapon?

She’s wrong about it carrying on without turning back though. It turned back. And it went down west of Bandeh Aceh…. not long after it passed us.

Raed Narendran’s blog here:

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