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Kate and Marc after arriving in Phuket
Who I really am! My husband and I on our sailing boat in Phuket.

We are now in SE Asia.  We crossed the Indian Ocean in February / March, stayed in Chalong on the hook for a few months, and are now couchsurfing with our awesome friends Tom and Kylie,  since our boat is on the hard whilst we repair the mega holes in the decks, get new teak laid, possibly replace the engine, and quite a few other bits….

Meantime, I saw MH370. And it was the scariest thing I ever saw. And something I know I will think about everyday for the rest of my life.

[October 2013]

Wow. It’s really true. I’m a sea gypsy, and I live on a boat. With two dogs and sometimes a husband. So far, Oman and India. How cool is that?

[January 2013]

Saucy Avatar w border
Life on a Sailing Boat

When I was little, distant relatives I hardly ever met would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up.  When I met my Aunt Margaret I told her I wanted to be a gypsy.  This was partly based on a really cool picture I had in my mind of a Romanian beauty with a horse and caravan.  Well anyway, that answer went down like a lead balloon with my step-mum, who I realise now probably had a picture of snotty kids playing on rubbish dumps and driving rusty camper-vans.  She asked me, in that despairing tone, why I couldn’t say I wanted to be a ballerina or a nurse.

So, the next time I was asked that question, I naturally said I wanted to be a ballerina.  The grown ups laughed, and said I’d have to stop being such a tomboy, and my step-mum reminded me I was booted out of ballet and tap lessons on account of having no grace.  That hurt a little.

So, the next time, I modified my answer, and said I’d like to be a nurse.  That went down a little better, since I came from a family of nurses.  So, since that seemed like an acceptable answer, that’s what I always said from then on.  But I didn’t really want to be a nurse.  I wanted to be a gypsy.

cat regatta may 12
Our life in Kuwait!

Now, my lifelong ambition is hopefully about to come true.  We are packing up our house in Kuwait and giving most of our belongings away to charity, in preparation for our departure on our 40′ sailing yacht; bound for SE Asia, via Oman and wherever else.  Note how I say ‘bound for’, rather than going to.  It’s bad luck and tempting fate to say with any certainty that you are ‘going somewhere’.  Just listen to the announcements next time you board a plane!  ANyway… the point is, the countdown is on.  We are gonna be gypsies (Insh’Allah)!

[December 2012]

Kidz at SeaWell, I started this blog as part of my Master of Arts in Online & Distance Education.  Well, I am now the official holder of my Masters Degree, so no more studying for me.  Yeehah!  Oh, and I moved all my educational stuff to to separate it from the personal stuff.

[April 2011]  It’s been 6 months since I wrote the first ‘About’ – so that means maybe 6 months since I started keeping my blog.  Everything I wrote below still stands.  But there’s more. I’m doing two other modules now – H807 (Innovations) and H800 (Current Practices) – and they’re being filed under the correct categories over there on the right (usually) >>>>>>

[November 2010]  Hey there,

Thanks for visiting my blog.  I started keeping it for my Master’s Degree course in Online Education, and it became a passion.  Start by checking out “H810 Accessibility Tools”, where I have been keeping a record of the tools which can aid people with disabilities to access e-learning.  I have written about the pros and cons of those I found interesting, and I believe it is a sound introduction to the tools available to help us.

If you’re seriously bored, you could even take a look at “H810 Reflections”, which is where I (sometimes) do my course homework…

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I have enjoyed making it!

[October 2010] Have to admit – I never thought to save my first post….

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  1. Hallo Kate, I love your new picture, its a lot more personalized than the other one. Really a very informative blog, very interesting.


  2. Hi Kate,
    What you are doing with saucysailoress is truly something unique! That’s coming from an Australian that is used to his creature comforts… It would be fantastic if you were interested in sharing your story with our Australian audience at We are bringing together ideas and stories from around the boating world – please feel free to contact me if you are interested so I can discuss further with you! Thanks for the great read,


  3. ciaralawn13 says:

    Hi Kate, I’m contacting you from Sky News, we’re really interested in your story, and would love to hear from you!
    Please contact me on, or alternatively on Thanks,

    1. Kate says:

      Thank you, but no. If I can help with your research in any way, please post your questions on the CF thread, and I’ll answer as honestly as possible.

  4. ASP Yeoh says:

    Good day to you Katherine, I am ASP Yeoh from Royal Malaysia Police (Investigation Team of MH370). I have contacted British Consulate in Malaysia earlier, they advised us to contact you directly. We would like to inquire further into the possible sighting as mentioned by you. Appreciate if you could reply me through email Thank you and have a nice day.

    1. Kate says:

      Email sent.

  5. Bryan Severance says:

    I am a producer for Nat Geo currently developing a show on self sustainable boaters/sailors who live life on the hook. After reading your blog posts here – I’d love to chat with you when you have a second.

    Call or email anytime

    Bryan Severance
    severancetv (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. Hi Kate, Richard Shears of Daily Mail here. Read all your blogs re MH370. Are you up to having a chat to update your thoughts? I’m in Australia and if you’re within a billion miles I can come to you.
    All the best

    1. Kate says:

      Yup. So, since November I was nursing my sick mother, and not online much. Today, after having been travelling for the last few weeks after dealing with my mother’s death, I came across your request and went to answer it. But a Google search yielded this:

      Seriously? You think you know enough to claim I “lost all credibility”? And what makes you the expert? What makes you more credible than me? Quite seriously… prove I am wrong. I saw what I saw, and it looked like what it looked like.

      1. Wow, Richard. Thank goodness Kate had the good sense to Google you first!

        It takes a pretty smarmy person to write the things that you did about her, then have the nerve to contact her with “All the best”! I would have thought, given your age, you’d have learned and developed social grace and morals, but that’s clearly not the case, and maybe why after 41 years at The Daily Mail, you are still in such a lowly position and others speak so ill of you. Maybe some self-reflection is in order.

        And, good for you, Kate!

  7. Riana says:

    Love your page Kate 😍 write more (when u get the chance of course) xxx

    Sorry it took so long to find u xXx

  8. Julie Jo says:

    Have you seen the info coming out about the plane possibly being in the Cambodian forest? Here’s a link.
    Also loved hearing about your journey! Bold and fascinating!

  9. Julie Jo says:

    I meant to tell you that the reason I shared this with you was because I was wondering how this possible sighting of Mh370 fit in with your experience. :). I hope you’ll add your comments to your post if you find the sighting relevant.

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